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    Suggestion box- some of my ideas

    So ive been submitting suggestions by ingame "submit suggestion" box, but frankly im not really sure anyone reads that Or maybe my ideas were not as good as i thought- ill throw them here , let me think how you like them:
    1) Queue trolls who add themselves as tank just to decline queue popup multiple times- that is SO annoying! So after 3rd decline in shord period time there should be deserter debuff for 30 minutes.
    2) Disenchant in LFR - how many times you got unwanted item or one that you already have? In LFD we have need/greed/disenchant option when enchanter is present. Obviously need/greed is not relevant in LFR but disenchant option would be awesome.
    3)Lvling- when you have 1 lvl 90 all your characters get +10% more exp (20% for 2x90, 30% for 3 etc)
    4) When you are exalted with faction you will get double the amount of lesser charm of good fortune (silver coins) for doing dailies with that faction
    5) After completing some guild achievement your guild herald gains the option "repair", so you can summon him, seel stuff and repair mid raid even if you have no engineer in raid group.

    so- thats all i got Curious bout what do you think
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    I like number one.

    Number two could work maybe if instead you got a chance to grab some enchanting materials: shards, dust, etc, from that gold bag you get if you don't win any loot.

    Three seems like a stretch since at max level you can send alts heirloom items.

    Four, I like.

    Five would make guilds with engineers feel little cheated since for their time those repair bots were hard to craft let alone acquire the recipe for.

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    1 makes perfect sense..
    2, 3 & 4 doesn't make sense.. E.g. we don't need to make levelling any faster than it already is.
    5 will piss off engineers and people who paid 100k for the Yak..
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