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    So. If you're good enough you can carry a team huh?

    This will probably be locked, and I might even get in trouble. But this is for all you people who belittled me, and told me I suck, and if I was good enough I could carry myself out of this elo.


    I left Morgs named unblack so you can see she left.

    As I said many times, if youre team feeds or is bad, you CANNOT carry the game. Teemo only went for minions. His 3 kills came from shrooms. Olaf stayed in the jungle and only came out to fight if it was to kill a low hp enemy near by or KS. Morg left.

    Champ select I locked in jungle Xin. 10 secs to autolock, Olaf locks in jungle. (Teemo top). I went bot with Taric cause teemo didn't want to go bot, and after I changed smite to ignite, so did olaf before the lock in. Early game we shut down Ashe and Jax hard. I was 10-0 by 15 mins. Say hi to the result. 1 leaver, 2 trolls. Still lost no matter how hard I played.
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    Get LoLReplay and upload your replays.

    I wouldn't mind sitting through a 45minute game just to tell you, that you problaly made a few bad calls along the game and lost it. A screenshot doesn't really prove that much. Besides, 45minute game, 18kills, and not 6 items? Your farm is horrible. So is your build, for that matter.

    But anyways, as said; you most likely made some bad calls (you dying 9 times somewhat reflects that) and lost because of that.

    And no one's belittling you. We're actually trying to help you. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we're just tired of hearing the same old "yeah durr im just stawk in elow hellz cuz of my n00b tims all de tiem"; it's getting old.

    We're not saying you should ever be able to carry every single game out there. There's going to be games uncarriable. But statistically; you'll rise in Elo if you're in fact good enough. - Go watch Gbay99's videos. He's amazing and has a ton of valid points, and helpfull tips on how to rise in Elo.

    You get games you're going to lose, it happens. Then you get games you're going to win. If you lose the games you should win, you'll drop. That's what happened to me. Dropped from 1700 to 1350 within a few weeks because drops happen in yoloqueue, and I lost the games I should've normally won to get back up, because I played badly. I just pulled myself from 1350 to 1615 within a few weeks. And I'll keep rising to 1700, hopefully more if I'm good enough. Random drops happen in soloqueue; win the games you're supposed to win and you'll get back up to your Elo.

    I used to think the same way you do. When I was stuck @900-1100 Elo. (You could problaly find posts of me saying same things you're sayiny, a few years ago). I then quit LoL for a good 6 months, came back on a new account (I literally forgot my old one l0l) and I got better. I had a new attitude on things. I realized I was that low because I was in fact just supposed to be there. Hell, if I think back of the things I did and knew back then, it amazes me how far I've come. Attitude is literally the most important thing when climbing Elo. Even now I can clearly see whenever I lose it's 80% of the cases because people had a terrible attitude towards the current game.

    This'll be my last post to you (on this matter, anyway), if you can't see it clearly then I've given up on trying to explain it to you. Have a nice day. Oh, and if you're on West, hop in the channel 'Keko' and have some normals with us. Usually getting some very good games going! It's fun!
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    What he said ^

    Why don't u take this as a lesson and learn something from it?
    If you did your best there should be no regrets and no need to go out and post this stuff!!
    Go relax for 10min and play another game. If you want better players, play with a friend or 2.
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    If after nearly 180 games played you are still in the ~850 range it means you belong there. There are some games you can not win, that's obvious. However, if you are really as good as you believe yourself to be then statistically you are going to win more than lose and in effect advance - though at a slow pace. There is only one explanation for why it has not happened in your case: you are 850 elo material.

    Do you know why people are attacking you here whenever you start complaining? It's not about "belittling". It's because you were offered help and advice by multiple people first few times you posted about bad results and you completely refused and ridiculed it with words such as "Just because you have double my elo does not mean you are better than me". You are cocky, you refuse to listen to people obviously much better than you and try to belittle their skill and efforts to "lol it's just luck". There is not one person left on this forum still willing to put in effort into trying to help you and that too is only your own fault, just like staying being below 900 elo forever.

    You have a really, really big attitude problem and it might just be what you need to work on the most - if in your games you act the same way you do here then it's probably the biggest part of reason why you are still stuck that low. -.-
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    Try to at least get this through your mind: One game means nothing.

    It's a snapshot. Elo is not decided on single games. Elo is decided on a slew of games. There even is no such thing as 'your' Elo. I know full well that if I play anything other than AD carry, I'll most likely play significantly less well.

    However, if after 180 games that's your Elo... I'm sorry to break it to you, but that is your Elo. It's not a mistake.

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    Gbay99, check him out. His videos brings some insight and teaches you to view things from other perspectives.

    That is all.

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    For starters, the rage thread is over here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...To-Vent-Thread!

    Second, no naming and shaming. I don't care why you leave the name unblacked, if your complaining about someone you black out the name.

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