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    Bugged Chain Lightning animation in 5.2

    The change is not only visual, on the PTR, you don't lose jumps and therefore mastery procs due to positioning.

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    That's just absurd, lol. Fucking cloud of lightning.

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    Well now they have to rename it to Forked Lightning, since it totally doesn't "chain" any more.

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    thats awful, it's not CHAIN lightning anymore, why would they do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seja Victrix View Post
    Well now they have to rename it to Forked Lightning, since it totally doesn't "chain" any more.
    Exactly ! (that was the title on the vid but I changed it to avoid being misleading )

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    Sure it's not chain anymore...but I like it :P

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    It looks awesome, maybe Fork Lightning would fit better though.
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    Palpatine Lightning?

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    It was a bug according to GC's twitter.

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    Damn, let's hope they make a glyph out of this.

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    I wonder if its really a bug. Part of me hopes it is. I like having an AoE that is classified as a single target spell mechanically. I think if this change took place it would effect that for some reason heh.

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    I'm with Recom. Since WoW's version of Chain Lightning doesn't 'jump' to begin with, a Forked Lightning minor glyph would be sweet.
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    If they make it into a minor glyph, well... then we'd have atleast one fun addition to our glyph set.

    Looks awesome, tbh. <3
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    Sith lightning is more like it. I hope there is at least a glyph (or its a bug) to swap between the two, really prefer the look of chain lightning over forked.

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    Unlimited Power!

    5.3 will bring us the purple lightning Shaman questline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recom View Post
    Damn, let's hope they make a glyph out of this.
    Glyph of Forked Lightning would be cool. It is a Sea Witch spell and some nage npcs use it. So it would be nice to see Forked Lightning added in as a spell or at less a minor glyph.

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    congrats, you're a sith now
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    brb rerolling elemental Shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanillaO View Post
    Palpatine Lightning?
    Exactly my thoughts.

    It looks badass (though to be fair, current chain lightning doesn't look too shabby either when you get some overloads )

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    It looks pretty damn amazing , coming from someone who hasn't played shaman since cata >.<

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