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    What do you think why ppls...

    ... put a lot of effort to obtain legendary weapons even if they know items are outdated and no any use of them ( I dont care about achvs of obtain legend items) ???


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    Completion-ism. Some people hate the idea of leaving any part of the game unfinished and unseen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Completion-ism. Some people hate the idea of leaving any part of the game unfinished and unseen.
    This. And some people like the looks of some items. You cant say running around with double Illidan blades is ugly?!

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    To complete the ones I wasnt able to get in past expansions, and also because alot look really awesome.
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    not all legendarys become outdated quickly.. when firelands came out i started on DTR. finishing it around 6-7 weeks after.. ds hadn't came out yet and i was owning with a kickass staff on mage.. then DS came out and guess what.. DTR still was the best staff in the game imo.. still competitive..

    as for thunderfury and quel thalas.. the other weps that were old legendaries.. just for nostalgia... some people like obtaining old things.. shadowmourne as well.

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    To experience part of the story they might have missed in the past.
    That has always been my reason to check out old content.

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