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    W101 20m subs beating out WoW's 10m subs

    what does it take to be a good MMO
    WoW has 10-mil, W101 has 20+mil
    what does it mean?
    i checked out W101 and to be honest i liked it but why couldn't SWTOR, GW2, Rift manage to hit these numbers is it the family friendly aspect?

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    it's not about being "kids MMO". it's about being "accessible".

    kids usually have a lot of free time to put on video games, but they usually lack focus. adults who work and take care of their families need things to be easier and require less playtime to achieve success. by being accessible, WoW pleases and wins both sides over it's competitors.

    an adults only game will be a niche game.

    a kids only game will be a niche game.

    WoW is an "everybody" game, therefore it hit the MMO mainstream, attracting all sorts of players.
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    20 million registered users != 20 million subscribers. With that logic Runescape actually has 200+ million subscribers atm.
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    W101 is free. Anyone can make an account even if they play for 5 minutes and never come back, and I'd be willing to bet those users are still counted when they put out numbers.

    With that said, the potential market for a kid-oriented free MMO is staggeringly big. I would not be surprised at all to learn they still have a very large number of active players.

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    Is Wizard 101 even entertaining?

    I always see commercials for it..
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    Is Wizard 101 even entertaining?

    I always see commercials for it..
    i found it surprisingly fun

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    The more people you exclude by virtue of being 18+ the more people can't be subscribed to your game :U
    Also it's just impossible for anyone but Blizzard to knock out WoW's market share, its main strength is that everyone already plays it

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    No fee, larger age group to harvest your addicts from, easier to gain access to, no buy in cost, being as close to a harry potter video game as possible when Harry Potter movies were coming to an end, being in the same age range as kids are when they typically start reading Harry Potter and lots of television advertisements all explain a 20 million REGISTERED users (instead of 20 million active users) feat of strength.

    Its just not in the same dogfight as wow is with any other mmo.

    I mean what 8-11 year old doesn't want to be a child wizard going to a school for wizardry?

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    I mean what 8-11 year old doesn't want to be a child wizard going to a school for wizardry?
    I'm 20 and still waiting for the letter from Hogwarts

    But I haven't even heard of that mmo till now. I though I knew every one of them with over 300k subs, guess I was wrong..

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    Not only is the title/premise incorrect (Wizard 101 has 20 million registered accounts, which is far different from 10 million subscribers), but this is set up to start a game vs. game debate. Closing it down.

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