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    Simcraft not working with GoSac, anyone know how to fix?

    When using Grimoire of Sacrifice, Simcraft performs the sim using the felhunter as a pet instead of using the GoSac buff...

    Does anyone know how to get it to work properly with GoSac?

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    euh, how do you figure that? That would be a MAJOR bug in SimC. I'm looking at the Sim done early this morning for patchwerk T14H warlock Affliction and it shows exactly 1 use of Shadowbite on the sim, from what I can tell.

    What version are you using, and what made you think it's not sacrificing the Felhunter?

    EDIT: You probably mean by simming something yourself, not the default Sim results. A lot of things could have gone wrong then, but we'd need version number and a description of what went wrong regardless.
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    Edited. Previous post explained what I said.
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