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    Just hit 90, want to get into pve on my warlock

    Hi there, I just hit 90 on my warlock leveling as demo. I have no switched to destruction since it seems to have the most relaxing rotation for me and I'm not ready to learn how to refresh dots constantly right now.

    Im usually a pvper (2400+) but I really would like to start pve as a Warlock.

    I know I'm a little bit late into the patch to gear but thats alright i suppose.


    Do you guys have any tips for me as a destruction warlock?

    Also I have a 476 offhand I bought from the auction house, is there a certain dungeon that will drop a good mainhand?


    Also any tips as first time raider in mop would be great too. I haven't raided since Heroic FL.

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    if i were you i would do lfr each week and search for a good raiding guild, best of luck!

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    Hai, welcome to the evil brotherhood of Warlocks

    I'm hesitant to link it cause it's slightly out dated by now but we have a sticky guide where most of the discussion about what it takes to be a succesful Destruction warlock is located. The sticky thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Week-Gear-List

    What I'm much less hesitant to link is this awesome video guide by Brusalk that goes in depth about everything you'd ever need to know about current Destro lock play. The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxMgBXnIfVk

    Be aware though that the video is more then an hour long, so you may need to watch it in parts!

    Brusalk was also working on a written guide for Destruction, but it seems real life got in the way of that a bit, so that may be coming to this forum in the future too. Just keep an eye on the sticky guide, I'll make sure to clearly redirect everyone to the new guide once we have it.

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