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    Just saying, you went on /b/ what did you expect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moshic View Post
    I'm guessing the sensitivity on that mic is huge.
    Condenser mics are awesome, I bought an Audio Technica USB one a few months back. I sound like a goddamn radio DJ now on mumble.
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    You posted in a picture in the capital city of the land of trolls, and are surprised you were trolled?

    These are the same people who "wouldn't bang" a super model because her left arm is 3mm longer than her right arm.
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    I'm not really a big fan of posters, and the room looks kind of small, but I'd say it's pretty nice.

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    Nothing wrong with the room, other than it looks slightly cramped, but that could just be due to having a small room.

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    It's beautiful. What are you doing with that kick ass mic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pucGG View Post
    It's beautiful. What are you doing with that kick ass mic?
    It's not so kickass, it's just a pretty decent USB mic. 'Samson C01U'. As a hobby I voice act and I plan to make a demo reel so I needed to get a better mic.
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    not childish at all, in fact its a very beautiful room
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    The breaking bad poster makes the room! Heisenberg #1

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    /b/ is serious business. No, really, their opinions are, well their opinions.
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    I don't care for the black blinds especially if your room is facing the street or the rest of the blinds in the house are black. If you live in an apartment though it's alright.
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    you listened to the opinions of people on 4chan?

    your room looks fine, posters can look childish if you have 100 of them of your favorite celberity or what ever, but yours look pretty cool all framed. i love that bane poster.

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    i wish i could keep my room that tidy, mine is constantly a mess i have no wardrobe space, so clothes alternate between being on my bed, and on my chair / or floor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarithus View Post

    and was met with a few posts like, 'Looks gay, what are you, five?'. Now I'm well aware this might be typical trolling, but I'd just like your opinions. I'm twenty, for those wondering. Here's the image.
    It's because of your TDK posters. Just take them down, and your room will be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarithus View Post
    I gather unframed posters are a bid tasteless and indicative of a childish room? I was thinking that, and that's what slightly irked me when people were saying that it was childish, despite the posters being framed.

    Depending on the poster, putting a frame around it can be a bit like polishing a turd.

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    In my opinion it's fine, clean is better imo.
    Also with posters it really depends, if you intend to bring women home then perhaps they are not the best.
    2 easy changes i would suggest would be level the posters and move that cord to the very corner and pin it there, will make the room improve and cost nothing.

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    I like everything except those posters... It looks very tacky to me (and I'm even a huge fan of BB )
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    Do not take /b/ seriously. That being said, living in a "room" instead of a house or apartment is usually a sign of someone in their early youth.

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    Your first mistake was going on b.
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    As others have said, I'm not big on posters, but it looks fine.

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    Oh wow...You can't get butthurt over people being mean on /b/, that forum exsists so that people can be mean to eachother.

    But your room looks okay.
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