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    Question [Guardian] Question about fcing as guardian.

    So I've heard allot of good things about guardian druids being really good rbg flag carriers because of their mobility and survivability cool downs but never hear or see anyone using them in their teams. So.. do you guys play with one are are you a guardian fc? How do you like it? Is it as effective as other fcs or better?

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    Not too sure on how good it is right now, but I know it'll be much better in 5.2.

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    Why? What changes in the patch are going to make it that much better? I know they are upping the scaling of Tooth and Claw procs and Frenzied Regen, but other then that what is going to change? :s

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    Thick Hide (will allow reducing critical is not just by melee, but all )


    Patch Notes
    - Mastery: Nature's Guardian now provides 20% more armor per Mastery rating.
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    I've played FC as feral but not as guardian, mostly cos of set bonuses won't allow for guardian in pvp yet.

    But what I can do tell you is that you have SPEED. Spec into Feline swiftness and you can use travel form in bgs with 200% movement speed, you basicly carry the flag at mount speed. You can shapeshift out of roots, pop barkskin, i recommend glyphing it for pvp. Survival instincs and might of ursoc. and then vear form for some extra HP and armor. Then Theres Dash, Stampeding Roar, and darkflight if you are worgen. So lots of mobility and survival.

    But for now i'd say stay feral since you don't get any bonuses from your gear that are usefull for guardian yet. Wait till 5.2 for those. Feral got basicly the same survival cooldowns as guardian but you got more 1v1 burst damage, berserk, incarnation, nature's virgil and trinkets and stuff allows you to do amazing burst for 30 seconds with ravage. But i'll defenatly try guardian FC when 5.2 comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notamonk View Post
    Why? What changes in the patch are going to make it that much better? I know they are upping the scaling of Tooth and Claw procs and Frenzied Regen, but other then that what is going to change? :s
    Thick Hide affects spells. Glove, 2pc, and 4pc bonuses are all really good.

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    So for talents as an fc what would this best talent choices be? (This is for 5.2)

    I was kind of thinking something along the lines of Displacer Beast, Cenarion Ward, Mass Entaglement, Incarnation, and Heart of the Wild.

    Displacer beast for the blink (w/ new changes does not activate prowl), Cenarion ward gives %100 boost to healing, Mass Entanglement (30second cd), Incarnation for obvious reasons, and Heart of the Wild for passive stat boost and being able to cast Rejuv while in Bear form + other boosts to healing spells.

    With Cenarion ward and Heart of the wild it removes the need to use the glyph of frenzied regen for healing boost instead of a heal and with Heart of the wild+Cenarion ward+Frenzied Regen+Rejuv = one hell of a tough son of a bitch to kill.

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    I've done it as guardian. You use wild charge, glyph of barkskin, ursol's vortex with typhoon to get people off you. You can choose when to blow your speed CDs, I like to save one for when I get into trouble. If they start attacking you, feel free to mangle/zerk/inc them in bear form, try to get enough rage for SD and FR and yea, it's really really tough for people to take you down.

    After 5.2 disp beast may be better than wild charge, but it's on a 30 sec CD instead of 8 seconds, so not too sure about that. HotW will give extra stam, but NV will heal you if you actively mitigate their dmg.

    I think Cenarion Ward will be the best for that tier come 5.2, not sure about mass entanglement.

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    ATM, for FC, our mobility is, well, the BEST. We can easily outrun almost all opponents, only DKs/Paladins have a chance of catching up to us while we are running the flag. Once we are settled, we have Typhoon, so we can position ourselfs decently and knock melee off us down to a lower ledge, giving us a bit of breathing room vs melee. We can glyph into a 20ish second silence, giving us some nice control against range.

    Let me see.. Our mobility is the best sustained, and we can spec into a huge range of charges with Wild Charge. Thats being nerfs next patch, although we get a slight buff to healing (Cenarion Ward buff), and a chance to control (Typhoon nerf, Fairie Swarm/Mass entanglement buff), as well as a buff to sustained survival (armor buff). In terms of ranking, I think we come 3rd on the FC tree. In comps, we are good if our team can sit on the flag while we go into the base stealth, and then burst our way out of there extremely fast with Dash. We dont have great anti-burst capability, but good mobility and ok control. If you have to sit on a flag for a long period of time, best strat is to have 2 dps with you while you run around where you can get max mobility. A guardian that stops is a sitting duck.
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    It's decent, you're really dependent on good healers though. Try out glyphing SE if you want quicker access to a CD. Stack PVP resil, after hit/exp cap that's about the only stat that matters, Crit/Mastery coming in behind those.

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    I've played it up to 2.6k rating and I will say it is probably the 2nd best on the list under protection warrior, especially next patch with the defensive stance buff. The best part of Guardian is it's mobility and kiting. I might make a guide on here if i have time
    Like others have said, Ursol's Vortex works good, along with typhoon (knockbacks from roof etc) + dash/stampeding roar/travel form for speed. And yes like others have said just gem ALL RESI in EVERY SLOT (except the helm, use the orange gem that gives +80 agi + 160 resi because with the socket bonus thats 340 resi) Renewal is a good talent with the battlemaster trinket and the ursoc glyph usually giving a heal around 330-350k.

    First tier talents, wild charge. If you can use it well it can save a match (you get stuck at bottom of graveyard, people res on top, you can jump up to them or a healer stays on the roof of the base in WSG/TP and you can jump up to them when anyone comes)
    Second, Renewal like I said when used with battlemaster/ursoc glyph.
    Third, Typhoon for knockbacks from roofs etc. Mass entanglement isn't worth taking at the moment because it has a 2 minute cd which is pretty dumb.
    Fourth, Incarnation OR Force of Nature for base defending (yes it actually has a use! it can interrupt ninja caps.)
    Fifth, ursol's vortex.
    and sixth, Heart of the Wild, lets you cast 40k rejuve ticks in bear form.

    Ignore my armory if im in my feral gear :P

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    I've played FC as feral but not as guardian, mostly cos of set bonuses won't allow for guardian in pvp yet.
    Uhhm.. ok.. I'd rethink that statement.

    EDIT: here! http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...8#post20000828
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