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    Holy Priest DPS

    So last night my guild master for a laugh tried out holy rather than his usual shadow spec, he did really well coming 2nd-3rd on dps rankings, holy seems to pull really decent dps but I really want to see what he can do with it, I think he's reforged to get smite to 1 sec by going full out haste but I wanted to make sure that's the way to go from people who have possibly tried playing holy more seriously (probably not though)

    So is going full out haste the best way or mastery or crit would be better? (I dont know what mastery is for holy priests)

    also is Power infusion or Twist of fate is better


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    Twist of Fate is the better choice for almost all encounters. As you can get some uptime on it throughout the fight. Mastery would do nothing for holy dps as the holy mastery is a HOT based on healed amount. Haste would be the best choice, however you would need to adjust to haste caps in higher Ilevels.

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    This has been known for a while- holy does very well especially in multi-target fights like heroic/normal wind lord. Mind sear benefits +50% from chakra, which is more than shadowform. Holy also requires 0 hit, 0 spirit, and 0 mastery. Reforge straight haste/crit, prioritize spellpower/int, and do nearly as much DPS as a shadow priest. One downside is you don't actually heal anything, apart from your Halo cast (Halo is insane).

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    Likely going to be trying this later on, but just based on the fact you really don't use much for DoT's (all smite/holy fire) Haste should really only directly affect your cast time (rather than dot ticks as shadow) By that I would assume crit would be higher. At the same time though, if you're using Power Infusion, there may be certain haste break points which allow you to get off an extra cast before it ends, same goes for bloodlust. I would be curious to see some sims on it however.

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    don't forget to use SWPain and SWDeath still as holy, as they hit extremely hard thanks to the chakra bonus.

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    i would like to see more info about this please.

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    Lightwells .

    I do the holy dps thingy aswell using circles and glyphed lightwell to fish some more ToF uptime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleisbetter View Post
    Lightwells .

    I do the holy dps thingy aswell using circles and glyphed lightwell to fish some more ToF uptime.
    is your dps worse/as good/better then if you would have been shadow?

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    Single target is comparable, but lower. Trouble is that some of the stuff i use are either haste spirit or spirit - mastery.
    Gearing for holy dps is very troublesome.

    AoE there's any kind of competition. Keeping 5 stacks of evangelism up (wich i dunno if it contributes on searing dps, still i do, just an holy fire instant, and that's it.

    Wind lord i dps as holy*** and i end on very top spots (tank excluded from the race, ofc)

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    The damage is decent, but you would need a completely different reforge set if you were min/maxing. The only fight I've experienced it doing a significant amount more is Windlord.

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    Is this DPS a quirky side-effect, or intended design for Holy? I'd always loved the idea of a holy caster dps, and this sounds so unbelievably tasty.
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    anyone have a link to a holy dps guide

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    Doubt there is one, I'll consider actually mathing it a bit and make a proper guide for it (thou if it gets crushed in 5.2 I won't bother). Until then (this is just based on what I think/experienced, I haven't done any real theorycrafting regarding holy): The stat prio is basically int>haste>crit>rest (assuming that you aren't going oom, if so crit is superior to haste), spirit and mastery is largely useless (spirit has some use if you are aoeing, if so you want to put haste lower as well, to avoid going oom). Gem full int (haste gems might be slightly more dps but I ran into some mana issues). The cast prio is (mindbender>t6 talent>)SW:P>SW>Hf>smite. For aoe t6 talent>mind sear. Make sure to refresh sw before hf (if it's about to run out), if sw:d is about to come up delay hf a gcd, this to maximize the amounts of smites that are done with the hf debuff, while not delaying the holy fire gcd too much. If you are moving and nothing else is up chastice>(glyphed)sw:d>sw. Don't use sw:d above 20% if you aren't moving.

    Talents are usually mindbender, ToF (PI might end up ahead if you can't get ToF during the fight) and Halo/DS (not really sure how DS matches up to halo, that's something I'd like to test). Gearing for less haste is preferable to using solace. Glyphs: HF (it coming off cd quicker due to being instant more than offsets the smite without the debuff), smite and sw:d.

    Remember that the main perk of holy dps is that you bring Divine hymn and guardian spirit to help your healers, and could even turn into a normal healer for a short duration if necessary. If you have to jump in and heal for a little while and end up being close to oom, remember that holy fire and smite is basically free and you can do decent dps with just these two abilities without losing any mana.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krunksmash View Post
    anyone have a link to a holy dps guide
    Be in the DPS Chakra, keep SW:P on the boss, Holy Fire on cooldown to keep the dot up as much as possible, smite spam as a filler. Then SW when you can use it. DPS Glyphs help too.

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    I would not push for a full haste build, makes it useless during BL, go for crit then haste.
    Currently Holy aoe dps is one of the best in game, the downside is you don't have infinite mana, in an aoe situation you still need to holy fire to proc elegon's trinket too. As MS can't proc it.

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