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    Lol everyone agrees that that silence was completely retarded. It won't be given back and should have never made it live. Carry on now.
    if you consider yourself "everyone" you should look it up. Problem with warriors was their control. Blizzard decided gag order added so much control so they nerfed it. But typical blizzard decided the control was still there so they nerfed shockwave AND warbringer. Typical case of Blizz adding one nerf on top of a previous one without reverting the former. Just the shockwave nerf would be enough but no they need to keep gag order and warbringer nerfed.
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    A Daily quest is about as much effort as organizing 20 people.
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    Brian may answer differently, but I would say mages are hard to counter for average players but easy for great players.

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    Warriors: You are losing SOME of your lock down. You are not really losing your damage, you are losing the 25% passive damage reduction because you'll have to actually CHANGE STANCES DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION (ERMAHGERD, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT DEFENSIVE STANCE WAS FOR THOSE TIMES YOU NEEDED TO GO DEFENSIVE?!). Seriously, how easy do you want this game to be for you? You will still be one of the most difficult melee classes to kite for any caster. You don't need to have an answer for EVERYTHING a caster throws at you. Casters don't have an answer for everything melee throw at them.

    Some times you will have to sit in a nova and feel helpless, it's what you have team mates for, it's what you might decide to choose mass spell reflect for. It's what happens when your melee cleave trains my Mage partner all game and shuts down the majority of his pressure. People complaining about not having an answer for "X Y Z" situation is exactly what is wrong with this game now. Blizzard answer to the calls and we end up with an absolute shitfest of interrupts, stuns, instant crowd control, instant damage, instant healing, snare breakers, root breakers, gap closers, you name it. Not every class should have a perfect counter to every single situation, this game is based around group PVP, if you find yourself in a situation where you can't counter something, have your team mates do something about it.
    This alone proves to me that you don't know much about Warriors. You do realize that MSR is in the same tier as Intervene, right? And it's double the CD of Intervene? Yeah... No. Nobody is going to be going MSR for roots lol. On top of that, you can't even MSR Nova/Freeze. You can 'maybe' MSR CC and maybe get dispelled, yeah, but Intervene overall is more effective. And by maybe, I mean, there's a lot of instant CC in the game (so you'd have to get lucky) as well as people who juke reflects.

    Stance dancing isn't a problem but they should at least make it so you can actually switch between stances without a CD since I'm pretty sure your Mage buddy (like others) will easily be able to exploit somebody switching between stances as it currently is. Force trinkets, wait for him to switch stances while you aren't giving him any attention, DF and coordinate a hard switch with some CC, and likely he'll be dead.

    By the way, I don't know what comp you're running, but getting trained shouldn't completely shut out your Mages pressure if he's playing properly, especially in MoP. I think you should start looking for a new one if that really is the case.
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