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    Arcanite fishing rod bug, string not showing randomly...

    AS the title says just today when i started fishing i always follow the string to see were the pole landed, but that wasent the case, this time it was non existant. So i tried it again and it came back but went away randomly after each throw.

    All the other fishing rods in the game show their string to fully not disepearing randomly like the arcanite one...

    This is pretty useless in general for the game but just want to point it out since i'm so used to follow the string that i don't use the fishing rod with 40+ fishing anymore.

    And last anyone else useing the same rod experience this problem?

    Did a test on diffrent computers so it just got to be a bug...

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    Could just report it as a bug i guese

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    Reported the bug no answer yet, but if you got this same bug please respound

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    Your best bet is to simply report this and bugs in general by using the internal reporting tool. You will not receive a response but it will get reviewed eventually.

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    Because... posting bugs on an unofficial forum gets them solved, right?

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