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    New to hunter...got some questions

    Hey people, i recently started back my hunter and looking forward to raids but I have some questions which I hope you guys can help me out.

    1) I took up engineering, If i specced into Dire Beast, does my Dire beast still benefit extra dmg if I activate the synapse springs after Dire Beast? What about Rapid Fire? Is dire beast a snap shot like ability whereby it captures your stats at the time it was casted?

    2) How bout lynx rush with the same situation as above?

    3) I read guides saying that currently haste is just bad and should reforge from haste whenever possible. During rotations, I often encounter a situation where there's a dead time of 0.5-0.7secs (just an estimation) with hyena pet of course. In this case, should i be waiting for this dead time to past and use Explosive Shot as soon as it's up OR chuck in an Arcane Shot (assuming im not focus capped or
    and have sufficient focus for Explosive Shot).

    4) Will increasing haste rating improve the situation above so the dead time is close to 1 sec thereby justifies an arcane shot?

    5) This question must be asked a number of times, what is the best way to open a fight as SV? For now, I'm doing Activate Synapse Springs --> Black Arrow --> Explosive Shot --> Serpent Sting --> Glaive Toss --> Rapid Fire+Dire Beast--> Lynx Rush---> 1 Arcane shot (If >0.5secs dead time) --> Explosive Shot...
    I'm not even sure if this order has good dps.

    6) If my Synapse Springs will refresh in say 2.5 seconds-ish (Again just estimation), and I just got a LnL proc waiting,
    - Do I wait for the Springs OR
    - Just unload Explosive Shots OR
    - Cast Arcane Shots/Cobra Shot in the meantime assuming focus not capped (but this will end up delaying LnL)

    7) Lastly, does Serpent Sting still apply 10% dmg buff on the target as in Cata?

    Thank you in advance for helping out =], hope the questions are not too irrelevant.
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    2. Back when I used LR during progression when it did direct damage before it was changed to a bleed, the damage changes dynamically depending on trinket procs. It shouldn't have changed.

    3. It's not always possible to perfectly account for ms and reaction to see how much dead time you have before ES comes off CD, so if ES isn't available on the gcd, use AS. Personally I delay if it's less than a quarter of a second.

    4. No, even if you increase your haste you won't be able to predict LNL procs which throws off your ES CD, so it's not worth losing another potential secondary stat that passively increases your dps all the time.

    5. I would change that to apply SS first, for viper venom focus, and +dmg.

    6. LNL has an ICD of ~9 or 10 seconds once from the moment it procs, so arguably you could delay it to wait for glove tinker. However if you fire it off straight away your ES will come off CD before another LNL procs, so you can potentially fit in another ES which you would have lost assuming your LNL procced off the ICD the 2nd time.

    Hopefully this answers your questions.

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