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    I was born without a right ventricle valve and was very sick as a child. I was in the hospital for tests and care quite frequently. More often than not I would share a room with another patient my age. One girl my age had some sort of convulsion (idk I was really young) and that long dreaded beeeeeep came on. I didn't know what it meant at the time, and it hit me when I was older. Another boy my age went into surgery. We were quick friends but he never made it back. Still remember his mother crying while she went back to the room to get their stuff.

    When I was 16 I just got my license and started a gym membership. While driving down towards an intersection there was recent construction going on and gravel was left on the right side of the road along the shoulder as well. As fate should have it a motorcyclist was driving past, lost control of the bike, hit a car, and flew what seemed to me like 30ft. Saw him hit the ground and limbs contorted in the oddest way possible. I just had my mouth gaping with disbelief. Turned my car around to go home, and bawled my eyes out on my mum.

    I'm fortunate I have not witnessed some of the previous stories

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    nope, i dont even know anyone closely thatd died. never known any family members that died. my dog died, due to never coping with loss before i didnt cope with his death too well.
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    I wore a soviet ushanka in america once.

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    No, but almost.

    I and my family were having lunch. Suddenly, my aunt choked with some food, and it looked serious. I had to perform the heimlich maneuver on her. I thought she was going to die, right there, over some stupid food.....

    Undoubtedly the most scaring and chocking experience in my whole life, so far. Eating was something that I really became afraid of for some time. The whole thing was so intense, and I don't even want to imagine what it would be like if I wasn't there to do that...

    Edit: (Just remembered there was another frightening near-death moment in my life. That time, my whole family, including me, could have died due to a gas leakage....)
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    Saw my grandmother die due to a pulmonary embolism, and watched my father die after life support was terminated due to multiple organ failure. Was kinda down for a month or so after my grandmother died. Went into a fairly deep depression for a few months after my father died.

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    Unfortunately yes, both peaceful ones (grandparents at hospital) and a violent one. Dealing with the peaceful ones was no issue, the other though... I think it still haunts me.

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    Skelington has seen a couple people after death but not when they die. Seeing animals die is pretty sad though, though it's even worse when they're suffering and you have to kill them.

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    I have seen death. It sticks with you.

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    her lips were cold on mine as I tasted her last breath.... I mean "no".
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    I wasn't close, about 200 or so feet away but I saw a person shoot someone in the head.

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    When I was 9, during bombardment of my hometown. Wasn't pretty.

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    Yes & no, I was aware it was happening in a room across the hall (lets be honest, when you hear beeping & see nurses running like their ass is on fire you know what's happening) but you expect that to happen in hospitals, just hope that you wake up the next morning and they're not wiping your name off the whiteboard. I have however seen a dead body, doesn't really phase me as I'm the sort of person who understands that life's the world's most common terminal condition - we're all gonna die at some stage so I don't really have any problem with corpses, obviously I wouldn't chose to deal with them on a daily basis, but y'know, that's life.

    Not sure I'd like to see a death in person though, while I'm cool with death & all that jazz, you get the feeling that seeing someone die infront of you would seriously screw with you for a while.
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    Jesus Christ, is this grim or what?

    I was there when the vet had my dog of 8 years put down

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    Yup. Ex-boyfriend shot himself in front of me. Wasn't pretty -.-
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    The worst part besides the fact that he died was watching him being zipped up in a body bag.

    It was also crazy because all the dogs went into his room before anyone else and jumped up on the bed, so it's like they knew he was about to go.
    They probably do, if dogs can sniff out cancer and can anticipate a major earthquake before it happens...

    My experiences with death: watching someone die, something leaves. I didn't believe in the soul or anything before I saw something die the first time, but watching a person changes you. It really does feel like something was there and now is gone, like the human body is just a shell for...something...whatever that may be. A dead person is not the same as looking at a sleeping person with their eyes closed, even if they just died you can tell at a glance that it is dead person.

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    Seen someone die in front of me? No.
    I've seen dead family members though, as well as a biker that flew off his bike and got killed as a result from a bus hitting it, I wasn't there at the time but my cousin saw it (he was 9ish and me 10).
    I've also seen plenty of dead people as per the nature of Forensic Science.

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    I watched a Hummer demolish a Dodge Neon in a head-on collision several years ago. The driver of the Neon died at the scene(remember kids wear your seat belts). I've only ever seen animals dying up close. Seeing them die doesn't bother me.
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    I saw my friends mom die, her boyfriend shot her in the back, and then in the back of the head execution style. She was still saying help me after the one to the back of her head. When the police came and dropped the blue tarp over her... its like they erased her from existence.

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    When I was around 9, I was playing with my best friend (we basically lived at each other's house as our parents were great friends too.) Anyways we were playing at my house and deiced to bike over to her house. outside the house we heard a gunshot, we both ran in and saw her uncle who had killed himself, now I was close to this guy and I remember that week perfectly, the funeral and such. I don't think I ever cried but I held my friend tight. I think this is where i began to relise I really dind't care to much about death.

    the second time I was walking home form school and along the way i seen my friend in a car with someone, I waved and I guess the driver was really sruck tried to wave as well and didn't hit her breaks in time. I saw my friend get launched form the car into the back window of the car in front of him. I was one of the frist people there trying to see if he was alive, he was unconscious and bleeding too fast, there was nothing I could do.

    So yes I have dealt with it before, How did I deal with it? I don't think I ever really had too, I was sad that they were gone and I wouldn't see them anymore but that's about it.

    To be honest There was one death that did bother me we my great grandmother, I think i was like 13 at the time, I was learning to play the guitar in the usual young kid fashion, I remember the day she died I played for her and she told me to come back soon and play for her again, I remember when my parents lead me out I turned back and caught one last glimpse of her. I stopped playing the guitar after I learned of her death, every time I tried picked it up I lost he willpower to play. I eventually learned to play the violin and later found out she loved the violin and played done as a kid. The guitar makes me sad however when I think of her playing the violin I'm happy thinking of her.

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    i've seen my fish die from me overfeeding/scaring them to death. but that was when i was 8 and didn't really understand what death was.
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