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    Quote Originally Posted by JDarkslayerx View Post
    they want us to be like the cata warriors and they are almost there...
    Yep, nailed it.

    Blizzard should bring back gag order, make it heroic throw ONLY rather then both pummel and heroic throw, so that way they make a pointless cute little throw do something threatful, whilist you can still use pummel catiously rather then just spamming it mindlessly.... meh there is no hope thus is just stopped playing all together.

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    If you want to bring more to the table why not play a retri pala? Warriors do dmg, as long as the dmg is not nerfed to the ground I am perfectly fine with playing my warr. Just team up with a holy or retri pala.
    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Because it is a good expansion, and it's no different to any other expansion in terms of quality. Yeh, I said it, cos it's true.(WoD)
    Quote Originally Posted by LairenyX View Post
    Now tell me what is the ratio of DPS to healers? 1:18 right? I pulled these numbers out of my ass, but they’re probably very accurate.

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    It's a shame. What frustrates me the most is that even throughout Cata I used Gag Order pretty much all the time, and it was fine then, and that was given that Pummel had a shorter cooldown as well. I don't really understand how we've now evolved into a game where there are even more instant casts, longer CD's on interrupts, and Gag Order is suddenly too much?

    Someone said it earlier, there are too many instant casts now, and they are too powerful. Personally I have no problem with Silence as a mechanic - it's Blizzard's crazy implementation where they tie it to interrupts which removes skillful play. Silences should be used pro-actively, before a big burst, to create extra pressure, or defensively, in the same way a disarm works.

    What's stupid is when they tie it to Pummel, so even when you miss an interrupt, you still silence them. That's stupid. Improved Counterspell is the same, it needs to go.

    And the thing is, if blanket silences promote unskillful play, then what the hell are disarms? Disarms have been the most frustrating thing in this game for a long time, especially for a Warrior (can't use Shield Wall) - Rogues using Dismantle OFFENSIVELY should have been nerfed to the ground during Cata, but somehow that isn't an issue. Yet Silences are a problem? I don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katsumo View Post
    but warriors already have pummel, disrupting shout, spell reflect and mass spell reflect...
    But that's talents..... you don't choose everything of that. And if you do, you miss out on other important abilites. Other classes and their blanket silences are learned automatically by leveling up. You're not a very smart kid are you?
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    I don't like the whole blanket silence idea but if mages/locks gets their back, so should we. Atleast give it back for heroic throw. It's a totally useless ability right now.

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    Well its not useless, a little damage is better than any damage when u have no more gap closers available. It should apply a hamstring tho.

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