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    SB SOC bug on wind lord

    i was wondering had they had any progress on fixing the affliction bug: sb soc gets swapped randomly sometimes on wind lord.

    want to go back to affliction but waiting for them to fix the aoe bug.

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    I'm not sure what you're saying. So when you put your soulburned SoC on a target, it goes to Windlord instead of your target?

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    I know what he's sayin

    sometimes when putting SoC's into a mob, and then trying to dot one up, or to cast another sb-SoC, it glitches, and insta casts a SoC, or sometimes even puts your SSwap on GCD

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    Isn't the bug a good thing? I like instant SoCs. If you had glyph of ss (not sure why on windlord) then I could see an issue.

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    You can try this at a dummy. It's actually not a good thing.

    DOT dummy up.
    Cast normal un-SB'd SoC
    Use Soulburn but don't use the charge.

    >When Normal SoC explodes(if=Soulburn is UP), an instant SoC is cast, using your Soulburn charge. What this often leads to in fights like Wind Lord is that you INHALE your dots from the target when let's say you were going to refresh them. See below.

    DOTS up on target > tab SoC>SoC>SoC>(DOTS about to expire on Target X, you have too many soulshards and want to refresh dots on target X using SB)>You use SB and are going to press SoulSwap key>OPS normal SoC exploded before you could press SoulSwap and BAM your soulburn charge is used>Inhaled the dots from target X.

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    Basically if you have a Seed of corruption traveling to a mob and you do soulburn:soulswap while that SOC is still flying its not gona put your dots on that target but do soul swap inhale and remove the dots on it. It doesnt have to be the same target you just did seed of corr.

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