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    Heroic Progression Path - Currently 8/16 HM

    Hey all, was looking for a little advice on progression paths. I've read every thread on here on the subject that I can find but most discuss the earlier fights and end at about 7 or so HM with concrete information.

    Currently, 6/6 Heroic MV .... 2/6 Heroic HoF (Blade Lord and Wind Lord)

    Right now I am looking at either Imperial Vizier or Garalon next. I am worried about Garalon issues with the enrage. Everything I have read says that Garalon HM is quite easy as well but like I said, I worry we're wasting time due to the enrage. Perhaps I'm just being overly negative of our DPS. We did a few attempts and weren't close at the point we died to beating the enrage. We do not have any DPS issues on any other bosses at all now and we 3 Heal BL with no enrage issues.

    Definitely wanting to get another Heroic kill quickly before moving onto bosses that require more serious time commitments between kills.

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    From experience I would definately say Garalon is your next best bet. Garalon is more about execution and getting as much damage on the body as possible while killing the legs every time they spawn. Lei Shi could be another option for you guys though, as soon as you manage the scary fog mechanic and have control on the adds its probably the next easiest boss. Imperial Vizier took us alot of tries like around 50 wipes compared to Garalon and Leishi which were around 10 each.

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    I agree with Charlooo.

    Garalon=*Lei Shi Amber>Zorlok>Tsulong=* Empress.

    * is dependent on your raid dps and how well people can play off specs, such as a 3rd tank or 4th healer.
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    Garalon is a tight DPS check, if you have it, great go do Garalon. If you aren't quite there yet, Vizier is a good bet. The fight is challenging and requires near perfect execution from every raid member (speaking from a 10m perspective, no idea about 25). However, the DPS requirement is lower and, imo, it's just a really fun fight. For example, we had a 2% wipe (berserk) and had had 3 or 4 dps dead for over half of the final phase. Our guild got it after ~30ish wipes so it's pretty middle of the road as far as a progression boss goes. Haven't tried Lei Shi on heroic yet so I can't really speak to that.

    Quick and dirty: If you have (or think you can eek out) the dps, Garalon. If not, Vizier.
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    Garalon sucks. Hard. We downed him after Blade Lord but before wind lord. Let me tell you, this fight sucked. We took as many progression pulls on him as we did H:Will of the Emp. Less than half as many pulls on Blade Lord and Wind Lord. After that, we're going Lei Shi. Did some 10m attempts and it wasn't bad at all.

    We are 9/16H

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    Garalon was a pain and my group couldn't get past 52% the first night on him with 3 full time healers. But we had our disc priest gem and enchant for smite spamming and told the other two healers to pretend they had to two heal it. We had an 8 man rotation for pheromones excluding our melee dps and we made sure to swap a few seconds before crush occurred. Ended up getting him on our 6th pull the second night on him with about 20 seconds to spare on the berserk timer.

    Got Wind Lord to 42% that night and will Kill him sunday and we're looking at Lei Shi next BUT came to mmo hoping to see what other people are doing.

    Would you guys say Amber Shaper is a lot harder than Vizier? Would love to hear from someone who has killed Heroic Lei Shi on 10 man

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    Zor'lok is a lot more annoying that Garalon :/. As long as you find out how to coordinate your healing/damage reduction cooldowns, and your DPS goes smashy smash on those legs, you'll get it.

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    Zor'lok = Lots of co-ordination and situation awareness, Terribly annoying mindcontrol sometimes. Lots of stuff to keep your eyes on. Enrage timer is not the problem.
    (Who doesn't love getting Mc'd > Disengage'd into a lovely pair of green balls?) Cooldown management required to some extent in last phase.

    Garalon, Having more than 2 Dps on the legs is pretty much a waste, as the legs have a certain timer to spawn. So not really any need for more than 2, while the others hit's the body of Garalon, More people will have to handle the stacks, not terribly hard, Needs to be tanked at 33% but not a major problem, or a problem at all.

    Lei Shi, can turn out to be a biscuit untill you find what works for your guild with the stacks and crowd control/kiteing the adds (Warriors are exceptionally good with Mocking banner/Piercing howl. We had 3 people stacking, But that turned out to be more strain than required. We went with 2 and she went down without much problems.

    Amber-shaper....Really lots *of biological waste* to keep an eye on. Stacks on the boss, Interuppts on the monstrosity, Your energy bar, Your own explosion, the parasitic debuff, the blobs that respawn after 30 seconds (Dont be too greedy eatin those, but dont leave em either as you'll get overrun). All the while you still have to Dps the reshaped guys (If healers, others might sit in it for all i know). Then the balls in the last phase, even though it wont last long, it's still a matter to watch out for.

    I'd rank them based on personal experience: Garalon > Lei Shi > Zor'lok > Amber-shaper
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