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    Exclamation Steven King Essay Post-Newtown

    Our issues are our own, if you don't understand and choose to troll/insult. Don't bother posting.

    Fellow Americans,

    Disregarding your political stance or possible bias. Our freedoms are under attack by our own government. I advise maturity in these talks.

    Once 1 amendment is shaken. Or even simply redefined. The rest will follow.

    To speak without persecution "freedom of speech" like here.

    Will be stricken in best interest of our leaders.

    Ok to subject. I am a Steven King fan. But this essay on guns. Well changed my mind.

    To those who understand and agree I suggest boycotts on who ever chooses regulations or banning.

    Fan no more. Here is a source of subject.


    Are you ready to lose your freedoms? You may not have a choice...

    Please don't flame. But hey we know some can't resist...
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    Where's the essay?
    "You six-piece Chicken McNobody."
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    "Once 1 amendment is shaken. Or even simply redefined. The rest will follow."

    Yea, they sure started falling like dominoes when we repealed the 18th amendment 80 years ago.
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    can you leftist twits just fucking admit that quantum mechanics has fuck all to do with thermodynamics, that shit is just a pose?

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    So, you enjoy his works of fiction and were a fan of them... then read an article that doesn't agree with your personal beliefs and that is cause to stop reading his fictional novels? Then you link Fox News as a source? How hard are you trying..?

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