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    Do you like it too?

    I LOVE it when a thread that has nothing to do with religion, then gets shut down because of it.. (Sarcasm)

    I have a few reasons why I think the Mmo-champ. trolls have evolved their tactics.. One of which I believe to be getting topics closed for discussing religion, simply by stating something about religion or making a comparison between, what have you, and religion or it's views.

    And the mods simply put up some message about not discussing religion then close the topic.. Now to me, this doesn't seem very fair.. Pretty much anyone can get a topic closed just for mentioning Jesus, because then someone else will. And it'll spiral out of control.

    To me this seems very unproductive and very derailing.

    Anyone have any other thoughts? (About topics getting closed cause of religion talk, not religion itself.)
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    May God have mercy on the soul of your account, OP.

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    If you have an issue with moderation, or the actions a moderator has taken, please send a detailed PM to Sunshine as to what you think is wrong. Creating threads about it is against the rules.


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