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    Your experiences with elusive drops and/or rare mobs

    I got an idea for a WoW-based parody related to the drops and/or rare mobs that just never, ever drop. And when you do see them, you either lose the roll or it's dead (looking at you TLPD).

    I want to reach out to all of you out there to provide me with some inspiration. Please share your stories. What was it? Did you ever get/find it? How did you feel during the hunt, when it was over, and when you finally just moved on?


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    Course I got it TLPD took me a year and a g-dam half which was ackwerd because all I was doing was sitting in the middle tabbed out doing some text documents before my NPC scan went berserk on me I was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO time to troll people with this for like 2 days then well yeah started doing my own things.

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    I camped the spawn point for skoll back in wrath. I must of spent like 4 days waiting for him to appear.

    it was worth it.

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    I'd been grinding the epic head from Blackrock Depths for quite a while (Circle of Flame) on my priest. This one time a DK friend decided to come and boost my shaman through but I died before the boss that drops the head and just ran in while he did the boss. Yeah, the epic head dropped, I couldn't even roll on it on my shaman.

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    I'm addicted to rare spawn hunts. IMO, nothing in the game can compare to the adrenaline rush of hearing NPCscan ring. When I do get my mount, I usually end up helping a friend (or even a total stranger - I made a few very good friends like this. It pays not to be a complete asshole while camping I suppose !) camp a couple of weeks later. It's a disease or something. Poseidus more or less fuels me : I got one for myself, 4 for friends and sold 3.

    Saw TLPD dead on my second day of camping it. Right at the spot I was camping, but I had decided, on that very day at that very time, to go do my Love Is In The Air quests. Ugh. Then I didn't see it for 3 weeks and I was lucky enough to get it. I was parked in a pretty terrible place (Valkyrion, because I was fed up with everyone in Bor's Breath), but it was early in the morning and the other campers weren't there.

    Aeonaxx... I was on the phone when Aeonaxx spawned in front of me after only 12 days of camping. Thankfully, it was just a telemarketer, so I had no qualms yelling SORRY I GOTTA HANG UP OH MY GOD.

    Poseidus was pretty amusing : I was camping him with 3 friends (2 of which I had made during my Aeonaxx camp). One evening, these two were afk, and while I was speaking with my other friend, I noticed one of the AFKers' health was down to 50%. Cue a few seconds of silence as we both went holy shit and raced to Poseidus, haha.

    Camel figurine farm was mostly tiring and uneventful (and really lonely compared to my other camps). I had been mostly uninterested in this camp, but hey, you know, it was March 2011 and Blizzard had just announced there would be a new title given to people who loot the Grey Camel. So naturally, by the end of the day I was in Uldum. It was so dreadful, I ended up doing my patrol rounds naked, dressed like a Bloodsail admiral, flying upside down, reporting level 70 bots, etc. Luckily I found the real figurine pretty quick, it was my 7th, after 11 days. The most exciting thing about this was Deathwing frying me, twice.

    Ah yeah, and about rare drops : I was farming Karazhan for the brown Rogue T2. After a while, I was just missing the gloves that drop on Attumen. Guess what I got before I got those damn gloves. I suppose you could feature something like this in your parody ; it's the "oh whoops unintended side-effect" thing.
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