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  • Tauren

    99 32.67%
  • Blood Elf

    204 67.33%
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    Tauren because warstomp is superior in pvp.

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    female BElf ... I have made her in TBC and I refuse to give my money to Blizz for race change ...
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    Blood elf here also, only because of the ccg and the figure line.... Tauren don't look good in most armours... and I refuse to play a female blood elf, every time I've made one I got the airheadish slut voice, and not the older voice for one.

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    My Paladin is a female Belf. That is mainly cause I wanted Arcane torrent

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    I don't really like neither tauren and blood elves as paladins. If I ever make one, its going to be a human or draenei.

    If I had to make a Horde paladin, its tauren for sure. There are already too many blood elf paladins imo

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    My pala is a Belf simply because i made him in WotLK and i don't want to pay for race change. Still if i were to make a new pala i'd still choose belf for the racial
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    Belf male. I've had him for so long that I couldn't bear to change him even if I wanted to. >.<

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    I have 1 blood elf paladin I healed on. And I have a Tauren that I play ret/prot on.
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    I tried out all the paladin race/gender combinations in the Cata beta (unlimited race and faction changes ) for a day each, came back to the female blood-elf in the end. Would be a male dwarf on Alliance.
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    Tauren for protection, blood elf female for holy as far as horde goes.

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    Tauren. It doesn't fit as Paladin but it looks badass

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    Were I to go back to the Horde I'd deffo pick a Tauren. This paladin was a BElf before but only because I had no alternative and that was one of the things that really made me eager to faction change. Can't stand Elves in general, specially Blood Elves. I know it's probably inaccurate but I always picture the people using Blood Elves as annoying teens calling people names on Call of Duty and such.
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    Tauren. I'm a kodo fan.

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    Burn all elves.
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    blood elf. better looking, racial is better for healing. i also contend its better for tanking as well.
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    ever looked through the codex of paladins ?
    i know that tauren paladins are considered Sunwalkers in Lore ... but still i believe that paladin and sunwalker magic has a similar origin ..
    tauren are gentle beings that value the wealth of others and that of nature above all else.

    that's why my paladin is TAUREN !
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    Blood Elf
    I've never like Tauren, too bulky and awkward. Plus they look weird in The Holy plate of paladins

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    Blood Elf. Just look better in the armor and the racial is a little better.

    I wanted to be a Panda Paladin. I wish we had more race options as a Paladin for both Horde and Alliance.

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    gayadin vs beefadin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    Blood Elf. Mostly because I don't like Tauren. I'd probably race-change my other Tauren alts if it didn't cost money.

    I also find the Belf AoE Silence/Interrupt more useful then the AoE stun.
    Well Belf racial can only stop a cast, it cannot stop a physical attack. The AoE stun stops both.

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