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  • Tauren

    99 32.67%
  • Blood Elf

    204 67.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Tauren cannot fit through most gate-ways in the game while mounted. Try to get into Undercity as a Tauren while mounted without dismounting.
    Goblin Trikes FTW. They allow you to fit through doorways.

    Also Tauren > Every other race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malthanis View Post
    Humans, dwarves, and draenei can be paladins because of their devotion to the Light. Technically speaking, blood elves and tauren aren't paladins in the strict sense.
    Actually a Paladin is defined by the Three Virtues (as the Church of the Holy Light teaches it), as Draenei don't use them, they are no paladins too. Only Humans, Dwarfs and Quel'dorei are actual paladins in the sense of the original definition. Bloodelves are well, were Blood Knights, and are now, I don't know, light swinging elves?

    (And quite some class definitions fail in WoW anyway, when it gets to lore vs gameplay, Tauren Paladins are one of the less problematic, because if one race actually would turn to the light, it is the Tauren.)

    And I'm obviously a Tauren, not because of lore, but because we are awesome! (Same as Dwarfes, you just don't need a reason to roll these races!)

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    blood elf tankadin, purely because when I made him blood elves were the only paladin choice for horde ^_^

    Although I'm not sure if I were to make a paladin now I'd roll Tauren, I like the idea of the Sunwalkers etc, but the fact its all Paladin stuff in game irks me somewhat.

    I'd probably roll a dorf now =p

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    Belf because i made it in BC and never felt like changing it. Mostly because id rather drop 25 big ones on somthing els.

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    Blood elf master race!

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    My pala is BE female and will continue to be one.

    Ignoring the lore tauren male looks ok in some pally armor and using pally spells, the female tauren look bad in general but whenever i see one in judgement armor my GPU is overheating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihnasir View Post
    Tauren, because Tauren.
    I like you. And I vote for Tauren again.

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    Come on Tauren, let's even out the poll!

    Everyone saying Tauren suck because the lore makes no sense are just jealous they rolled Blood Elf.

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    Tauren. I don't fancy playing as a barbie doll. ;D And honestly these days doorways are no longer an issue and the roleplaying potential is far greater with a tauren I've found than a snobby elf. :P

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    Blood elf for pvp, i wasn't sure whether tauren stomp dr'd with HoJ so i went Belf

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    Tauren. Although I wish I could play a better version of a belf.

    Females are ok, but belf male animations seem too over the top to me, and I don't like their posture, idle animations, or much about the model at all. If there was a better Belf male model i would roll it.
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Female Blood Elf. I like Tauren, but I can't get used to Tauren Paladins (or Sunwalker, whatever). I don't like it, nah...

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    I started a Paladin alt. Tauren.

    He made it to level 10. got sick of weapons sticking through my head plus horns cutting through my shoulderpads.

    Made a male belf Paladin. Because playing as a female seems wrong - including a stick as a 2 hander and small non-noticeable shoulders.

    Paladin is the only class where I wished I was Alliance.

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    Blood elf for arcane torrent. Aoe silence/interrupt, too gud for 5 mans (and the rare raid mob vulnerable to it). War stomop is just shit.

    Taurens are also too big for my taste. Also tauren paladins makes no sense to me... then neither does blood elf paladins... but whatever.
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    I'm a male blood elf because i'm homosexual, and I like to imagine myself snuggling next to my character IRL.
    Check my achievements bruh.

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    yeah female belf! i don't like holy cows

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