I'm from the 10M guild <Bitter> on US-West Ner'zhul. We're a former casual guild that's in the middle of a transition to a hardcore raiding guild. We were 4/16 H before we had several members stop raiding.

We are currently looking for dedicated DPS (non-clothie preferred) and one tank that are interested in clearing all of 5.2 on heroic difficulty and to down the current content on heroic if time permits. We are more interested in the player than in the gear. Significant experience in the current tier is nice, but not necessary. If you are behind, either in gear or experience, we do expect that you will work diligently to catch up.

Our raid times are currently Mon, Tues, Thurs from 7-10 PM PST (8-11 MST, 9-12 CST, 10-1 EST). We will likely add Wed from 7-10 PM PST to our schedule once 5.2 hits. We expect all raiders to show up consistently, be open to constructive criticism, and take the initiative to learn about fights and improve raid performance.

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity to you, please contact me at Bitter#1387 or add me in game.