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    Cannot overclock CPU since upgrading to Windows 8

    A little background first. Probably 6 months ago I thought it was a brilliant idea to download and install the windows 8 trial. Being an idiot, I didn't back up my windows 7 onto a separate disk. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago my windows 8 trial expires and prompts me to purchase and download the full pro version. I avoided that for a while as the trial still worked and I thought I could live the annoying banner that would pop up reminding me to purchase the full version. After a couple weeks of my computer randomly shutting down and stupid reminder pop ups I finally gave in and bought windows 8.

    Now my actual problem. I have an ASUS G60, don't know the letters that follow, laptop. It's 3+ years old. Its got a core i5 processor and a GeForce GTS 360M graphics cards. Up until windows 8 pro happened, I've always had Asus based Power4gear hybrid software to overclock my CPU for WoW and other game playing, media purposes. Now after the upgrade, Power4gear hybrid is nowhere to be found. I've had to re install many different things after upgrading like graphics/ audio drivers and various programs, but try as I may, no P4g hybrid.

    Now I ask you guys. Have any of you had this problem with an ASUS machine? Is P4g hybrid not yet supported by windows 8? Is there a comparable program to use to achieve the same results?

    Thanks for the help.

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    i would suggest downloading P4g hybrid off of asus' website if possible or googling a download link and attempt to run it through compatibility mode, win8 will bring it up as soon as it notices that it is intended to run in windows 7.

    the second solution would be to just go into your bios and OC yourself. i would be very cautious with OCing a laptop though. i wonder if the asus software overclocks any higher then what intels turboboost does TBH.

    i did borrow this off a link after a quick google though

    There are two other similar pieces of software that I know of called RMClock and NHC, but there have been many problems with NHC not working with a number of systems. RMClock is not exclusive to a model (as Power4gear is to Asus computers), but it's interface doesn't look as advanced.
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    I've had to re install many different things after upgrading like graphics/ audio drivers and various programs, but try as I may, no P4g hybrid.

    Look under Utilities. It's right there. Also, notably, it looks like Win8 drivers were not made for that laptop, however that's just software so it's no big deal, and Win7 drivers are usually compatible with Win8.. sometimes. Anyway, there you go.

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