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    My point remains it's a real name and it is akin to calling a wow boss Courtney Brown or Jason Miller.

    It doesn't have a place in a fantasy world.

    It's obvious you have no idea how the Chinese language works. Romanizing Chinese words using the Roman alphabet and removing the tones means that many different words end up with the same romanization.

    Lei2 Shen2
    Lei1 Shen3
    Lei2 Shen4
    Lei1 Shen3

    All become Lei Shen. There are plenty of online resources that you can look up to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese Mandarin if you're interested.

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    The fight itself is pretty cool but overall it seems like a improved version of Feng.

    You have to choose which ability he will have and need to switch it if it gets to difficult to handle.

    Not that Feng was a bad Encounter, it was great which still felt like a really cool boss even without much movement.

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