View Poll Results: What race is the mother and her children?

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  • White/Caucasian

    8 28.57%
  • Hispanic/Latino

    2 7.14%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander

    2 7.14%
  • African American

    16 57.14%
  • Other

    0 0%
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    Mom loses 4th child to gun violence (Race thread)

    Now, before clicking the link, I want you to vote on what race you think this woman and her children are.
    This is a side thread to the racist thread, and I want to know why you selected your choice and what you think about what that means.


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    i picked white.
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    Somehow I don't imagine this thread will stay open long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeve View Post
    Somehow I don't imagine this thread will stay open long.

    In b4 lock... this is absolutly racist.

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    Odds are it's black (unless its 4 kids in a single instance in which case its probably some crazy white guy). % wise black make up more of the lower economic group, which is the group most commonly the victim of gun violence.

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    Voting African American. They are most likely to face Poverty in a combination with racial discrimination which leads to housing in poor, violent areas.

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    Holy fuck. I feel so sorry for her. That's really sad.
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    I voted African American, solely based on I'd imagine most gun crime would be done in poorer areas and most African Americans happen to live in poorer areas.

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    I had a feeling the children were either going to be Hispanic or African American, i voted for the latter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeve View Post
    Somehow I don't imagine this thread will stay open long.
    Considering you cant even defend yourself without being banned, this thread wont last past the first page.

    OT: Im going off the assumption this is a story from the US, so Ide have to say african american as my choice, simply because gun crime involving that race is shown alot more on the news. As if they are trying to pin the blame almost.

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    My first thought was black but I wasn't sure if it was a trick question or not.

    It really could have been any race, I guess it was just statistically more likely to be a certain race. Of course, that's just assumptions, since no matter what the odds are, I still don't know until I know.

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    No good can come from this.

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    Yeah, this thread and the poll are just inciting racism. There is no need for such a thread.

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