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"I don't think it's that cut and dry. If I'm understanding the numbers, 5.1 Malevolent will only be better than 5.2 Malevolent if it's carrying 2/2 item level upgrades (though it will have more stamina).

Currently, the PvP Power and stats on each tier of gear are tuned to ensure that they're the best choice for PvP compared with a PvE equivalent:

Malevolent > LFR gear for PVP.
Tyrannical > normal mode raid gear for PvP.
Elite Tyrannical > Heroic mode raid gear for PvP."

As a player who does both heroic raid progression and pvp, it is likely i will be able to obtain Heroic items before elite tyrannical, meaning that for min maxing some of my pve gear will be better then pvp gear.

For example vs

The problem i see here is the stam gain will be only slightly less then the resilience, I have not done the maths however but the int + secondary stats gain may be greater then the pvp power, it will also allow for a stronger progression as you will be able to invest conquest in other places.