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    Resilience on PTR?!

    Has Resilence scaling on the PTR been nerfed? I'm seeing some really wierd results.

    For the record, as far as I was aware, the equation for calculating resilience is;

    Resi % = [100-(100*[0.99^(Resil Rating/310)])]+40

    Anyone experiencing this?

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    ive heard scaling has went down also. havt crunched number tho. chooochoooo lets get back to wotlk globals!!!
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    Its probably just some change that has messed up how resilience works.
    I trust blizzard to know exactly what is going on with pvp on the ptr...



    But seriously tho. It might just be something bugged

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    It starts off scaling faster than live, but by the time time you get to around 65% it starts to be worth less than live.

    No time to work it out properly, but using Disc 2 set bonus, you can see that at around 13.5k resi, you get 72% reduction, whereas on live that would be 77%.

    It looks a pretty massive nerf going forwards, and just accentuates the ridiculous problem of burst.

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    Just what we need, more burst.

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    For real? gg getting totally stomped on by folks with huge amont of pvp power

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    Do you guys realize that those last percentages of Resilience actually give an insane increase on reduced damage taken?
    To pull a random number out of my sleeve, someone with 75% Resilience takes 40% less damage than someone with 65% Resilience.

    And since I love numbers, some more random numbers.
    To completely negate 40% Resilience, you need 66% PvP power.
    To completely negate 65% Resilience, you need 186% PvP power.
    To completely negate 75% Resilience, you need 300% PvP power.

    See where this is going? You need a ridiculous amount of PvP power to negate a small gain in Resilience.
    Percentages may be little off, I didn't use a calculator for this
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    Yeah guys, this doesn't equate to more burst.

    and if this is true:
    Quote Originally Posted by Flaubertlives View Post
    It starts off scaling faster than live, but by the time time you get to around 65% it starts to be worth less than live

    then i'm all for it. It means alts and PvE players will have an easier time getting into PvP and will mean that once you're fully geared the importance of gear upgrades diminishes. If you look at it in a weird way, it's kind of like a tiny step towards gear being normalized for competitive PvP.

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