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    Question Do you like how tier 15 looks?

    When looking up stuff for tier 15 I noticed a lot of people upset with the "look" of tier 15, and I was wondering if that was just the result of "people who don't like things are more vocal than those who do like things".
    So I thought I'd make a quick poll and just see what people think here!
    If you want to state why you like/dislike T15, post a comment, but don't just say "I think it's cool/ugly" try and say why you feel that way.

    Oh, for those not in the "know":
    Also, if anyone knows which color set is RF/Normal/Heroic that would be some nice info to have (hoping the white set isn't raid finder).
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    Most disappointing set since Tier 10. Its just bland. I like the candles, but the colour scheme for the set is completely off and theres no other points of interest as far as the design goes.

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    I feel.... it needs to have a little more colour?

    Just looks dull imo.

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    I'm not a big fan of tier 15. It doesn't look very interesting . First off, the bell over the head seems very oddly placed. The protruding blades, on the helmet, remind me of bat ears. The color schemes are meh, though I think the third recolor would be nice if it was a little darker. Additionally, who the puts candles on your shoulders?

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    Yeah whoever did the color scheme makes me sad

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    Way to little contrast, its going to look a dark blur once equipped.

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    hmm i don't know because we don't have the god damn warrior tier yet.

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    I haven't liking tier design since Firelands. I think Blizzard need to hire new design team.

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    Love the monk one, much better then tier 14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonix80 View Post
    I haven't liking tier design since Firelands. I think Blizzard need to hire new design team.
    Yeah, they've lost their creativity. But hey, at least you have a bell over your head, and one can see parts of your face Check out the druid tier 15... especially the head.

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    There's nothing that stands out but the cord binding our headpiece together, like a little girl her pigtail ribbons.

    It's a horrible and bland set. There's nothing vibrant or exciting about it, the textures are dull and the colours are depressing. And smoldering candles on the shoulders? Come on...

    Compare it to the outright amazing Druid and DK sets. That Druid set looks like it's going to be a classic we'll be seeing in transmogs a lot later on.

    You can have my main his Shaman set though, if you like.
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    The candles were an interesting concept with the gear, some say it looks "tacky" i say it looks "different" (in a good way).

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    I don't see why anyone would wear burnt out candles on his shoulders.

    The only detail I actually like is the book strapped to the waist.

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    It's not bad compared to the other classes. (Except for the Druid set and a couple of others, now that's an amazing set) I actually like the candles on the shoulders, they are very...priest-y.

    Just saw the book tied to the waist, this detail makes the set look much better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by priestalisha View Post
    When looking up stuff for tier 15 I noticed a lot of people upset with the "look" of tier 15, and I was wondering....
    Every tier gets shat upon....people hardly make " I like this treads". It is mostly "Blizzard fails with this because I say so".

    I am not the biggest fan of the stuff, but it fits the asian theme. Since I play a tank, I am not sure anything will beat the T13 warriorlookalike too soon. (Collossal dragonplate). But that is just taste as everything is...

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    I only like druid one.
    On hunter set shoulders dont realy go with the armor (they should be a same color), rogue set would only look good on worgens, same with shamans set (for trolls).

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    Looks like quest gear aka greens to me, and on female, the chest area is completely empty, something is missing. missing lots of details, more colors, better colors (..the white green one is just.. cata quest greens) and tbh i dont understand the bells at all, why would we like, strap them on our head, on our shoulders, in our dress?

    and why is people commenting on other sets when this is about priest

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    Let's say... thank you blizzard for transmog

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    Priests used to have the best tier looks... but oh man, the last 2 expansions have been so damn sad :/

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    Another tier will go by where I'll be clad in Absolution.


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    I'm still waiting for a set I wouldn't have to transmog... I like the candles (but they should have bright glow for disc/holy and purple glow for shadow), rest of the set is just meh...

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