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    Every three to four weeks. And I spend way more money on it than I should lol

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    It's been around June last year. That's long for me. Normally around 3 / 4 times a year.

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    When I feel like it - though I've always loved having my hair long. It is comfortable and very warm. Plus the ladies like how soft my hair can be.
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    Been 2 and a half year since last time, so I guess it yet has to be seen

    Back in the days, I used to cut it 3-4 times per year though.
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    Once a month, can't stand when it starts growing out.

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    Once or twice a year maybe.

    I don't like using a rubber band so having loose hair not falling on my eyes and blowing in my face with wind needs delicate balance, lol:P I try to avoid cutting my hair unless its absolutely necessary or I ruin the tips since Im afraid or ruining my haircut.

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    Once every two months.

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    3-4 times a year

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    I had 2 haircuts in the last 4 years.Before that it was once every two months.

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    I'm bald, once a week.

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    From every month to several months, depends on how I feel like. My hair is pretty short, couple of centimeters at most. It's natural curly so I kind of have to keep it short or let it grow long..

    Yet I dream of having a long, flowing heavy metal hair cut someday..

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    I cut my own, so no barber. But, I would say it happens on average maybe four times a year.

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    I haven't cut my hair in over 2 years.
    I have dreadlocks though :3

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    I get my hair cut once every 3 or so months. I know when I'm ready for a haircut when my hair grows to below my ears when straight.

    Usually I'll gel my hair back, but once it becomes too thick and bushy to really do that (Around the time it grows like I mentioned) I get it cut

    There's a hairdressers near where I live. They used to be a primarily female hairdressers but after the barbers just up the road cloased they started offering gents cuts for fairly cheap. I've gotten to know the woman who cuts my hair fairly well, I even drop in every week or so to say hi and have a cup of tea whilst she's got a free half hour.

    It's not as social as some barbers I've been too where they seem to have their own little community, but I still enjoy going there and chatting with the couple hairdressers they have.
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    About once every 3 months. Love my hair long

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    I go to my barber about once a month. I'm not very picky about my hair regardless.

    I'm really lazy about shaving though. People ask me all the time if I'm growing a beard, and it's usually not so much that I'm TRYING to grow one as the fact I just haven't shaved in a couple of days. I'll sometimes go 4-5 days without worrying about it. It seems to grow really fast though. I went about two weeks once without shaving and looked like a lumberjack at the end of that 2 weeks.
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    Woman here.

    When I had short hair 6-8 weeks. I went through times of pixie cuts to fohawks.

    Now that I have long hair 8-10 weeks.

    Yup I pay 35+ for a cut but its something my mother and I have done since I was in college.

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    Pretty much every week at least once.

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    Once a year. I guess my hair is slow or something because it really doesn't get that long, just a little past my shoulder blades. I like to have it cut every summer when the weather warms up. My bf gets his cut like.. every couple months, I'd say.
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