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    [Feral] Pve Rotation

    Hi Guys,

    I've been looking around on several rotation guides and I'm a bit confused.

    When you've got Rip, Rake and Savage roar up and got 5 combopoints to spend. What finishing move do I use? The target is ABOVE 25% HP and you DON'T need to refresh any bleeding effects. Ferocious bite should ONLY be used when target is UNDER 25% or to refresh rip.

    What do I spend my points on? It doesn't seem like theres some other finishing move to use.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You use FB if you are certain SR or rip doesn't fall off before you have 5CP again.

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    If you have long enough time to get your 5CPs back you can just FB for some damage you dont HAVE to save it only for below 25%.

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    As the others have said, you can use FB. But only do this if you're sure you'll be able to get 5 CPs again before you have to refresh SR or Rip.

    If you're not sure, hold on to your CPs and Shred until you need them.

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    Ok, thank you guys!

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    Having SR and Rip up with at least ~12 seconds to go on each, and 5 combo points waiting, is when I'll use FB.

    Having SR and Rip up with less than ~8 seconds to go on one of them, and 5 combo points waiting, is the time I'll apply a Thrash (if I haven't already with OoC proc). Then it'll be time to use the 5CP to reapply whichever is about to fall off.

    In between these times, is when I have to decide between the two.

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    Does this even happen? usually when I think I can do this I end up screwing up my rotation -.-
    Anyway, if it does, ferocious bite is what you should be doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caninepawprints View Post
    If you're not sure, hold on to your CPs and Shred until you need them.
    Apply a trash rather. As it does about double the DPE as shred and you don't need combopoints.

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