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    Loshan vs Jin'ya

    Noob question, but I'm seeing that Loshan is +144 int increase, and about 210.11 equivalent 2ndary stats increase (if that, depending on your hit situation). Why is askmrrobot showing such a large difference in the dps between the Loshan and Jin'ya? Shouldn't they be relatively close, all things considered? Or am I missing something.

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    1H + OH combos have always been higher DPS than using a 2H with equivalent iLV due to the 'extra' stats gained through the OH.

    One of the added perks this tier is that the 1H comes in the form of a sword, so if you are human you get a free 1% expertise (hit).

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    Loshan is better butttt....realistically, at least how it worked for my guild is, we downed Lei Shi long before we downed Tsulong. I ended up winning the staff and upgraded it, so I'll probably keep it rather than getting Loshan and having to upgrade 2 items instead of just one.

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    personally i think staff is better only cause it only costs 1.5k vp to upgrade from 2 slot item (this tier atm)

    i would rather spend other 1.5k vp on other item for upgrade

    but yea MH+OH is generallay better than 2H though
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    Especially since I'm human, I very much prefer Loshan. Not only because of the 1% hit bonus, but also for the extra stats of the offhand. The 160 int enchant alone makes it near worthwhile. Add that to more flexible reforging (2x instead of 1x) and the decision is pretty clear. For me, at least.

    Also, the staff just won't drop. Lol.

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    I compared my character using askmrrobot to see what the diffrent scores would be if I had heroic loshan(2/2 upgraded) + heroic ta'yak offhand(0/2 upgraded) vs. heroic jin'ya(2/2 upgraded). The results were;

    With my gear + hc loshan(2/2 upgraded) + hc ta'yak offhand(0/2 upgraded): 181555 score
    With my gear + hc jin'ya(2/2 upgraded): 181438 score

    This means I lose 117 score. 117/181500~0,0006. This means I lost about 0.06% score.

    EDIT; The scores are in arcane spec.

    That seems to me like an extremley small diffrence. I actually passed the staff last time it dropped beacuse I wanted loshan. Guess I won't be doing that anymore...

    A off topic question; What does askmrrobot score count? I first thought it was DPS I could theoretically put out, but I dont think its possible to reach 181500 DPS on a patchwerk style fight. WHat does the score mean?

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    Look at "Edit Weights". Here u can see what valuable a stat is for the calculation. Thats a static value. Askmrrobot doenst calculate that. If u want to know your exact values u have to use simcraft.
    With this values and some numbers for things like Pandarenfoot the robot calculates the score. The score is never!! the dps or any other thing ingame. Its just a score to say which is better.
    But here again:
    All hero with no upgrades:
    1526 Int
    390 Hit
    985 Crit
    385 Haste

    1380 Int
    961 Haste
    852 Crit

    So we have:
    MH+OH vs Jinya
    +146 Int
    +133 Crit
    +390 Hit
    -576 Haste

    All Hero, both mainhand with 2 upgrades:
    1572 Int
    390 Hit
    1015 Crit
    414 Haste

    1488 Int
    1036 Haste
    918 Crit

    So we have:
    +84 Int
    +97 Crit
    +390 Hit
    -622 Haste

    All Hero, all upgrades:

    1632 Int
    420 Hit
    1060 Crit
    414 Haste

    1488 Int
    1036 Haste
    918 Crit

    So we have:
    +144 Int
    +142 Crit
    +420 Hit
    -622 Haste
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    Yea, with heroic Jin'ya (2/2), i get


    and with the heroic Loshan (2/2) with the heroic Tornado summoning offhand (0/2)

    I get 176066.

    So it's really just the increased int due to the enchant and the +1% expertise from being human that makes the difference. Not huge, but I'll take +800 dps if I can get it.

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    Yea loshan/offhand are ultimate BiS but its really what drops for you in the rng game. They are both very close though.

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