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    Fire Mage aoe dps question

    Hello guys ... i dinged 90 around 20 days ago and i have a question .
    I play as fire, i know arcane is more viable atm, but atm i only play LFR cause i wanna gear up a lil more first, before i join normal modes .
    Im at 477 ilvl and my dps on bosses everytime is very good, im always in the top 3-4 people on recount and i think thats pretty good for my ilvl.
    But when it comes to aoe fights ... and by aoe i mean 10-15+ mobs my dps hits bottom :/ I dont know what im doing wrong but my dps is never good on aoe, i know that bosses dps is where i, and everyone should be focused but i wanna be good on every aspect of my class even if its lfr or heroic raids .
    On aoe fights i cast LB on a mob then i spread it with IB and then spam arcane explosion,am i missing somethink here ? because with this rotation my dps is not what i wait to see.
    Thanks for the read guys, all tips are welcome

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    Hmm, just test yourself around. Easiest.

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    Flame-strike + living bomb + Arcane Explosion

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    Well, its simple, Fire's AoE is just not very good compaired to other classes.

    I wouldnt worry about it, flamestrike does minor damage and has a long casting time, Arcane Explosion wont get you on top of the meters, same with Blizzard (does often more damage then AE), and Living Bomb explosions do not affect all of the adds. Frost bomb does more damage on large packs, but it is simply not worth it for.. what exactly?

    The only fight with some decent amount of adds is the Grand Empress and perhaps Elegon and Tsulong for a very short period.

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    Yeah, fire for that amount of adds wont get near alot of classes. For me I dont bother with Flamestrike, I put up LB, spread with IB, spam arcane explosion until IB comes off, use my free Pyro on an add then continue with arcane explosion, as IB comes off again I LB as it has just exploded and IB to spread again, just rinse and repeat until they are dead.

    Arcane Explosion hits for about 12-15k and 24-30k crits so with 10 plus adds you will be doing a min 150k DPS by just spamming it, the problem is when they start dying and you reach 5-6 adds with little health as the cast times are too long and arcane explosion is only hitting a few.

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    most trash can be deeped. with that being said here is what you do. for absolutely TOP DPS on trash - spec POM instead of skorch (you dont have to, but it will give you a little extra dps on trash ) and make sure you have glyph of deep freeze ( to get rid of GCD from DEEP ) and glyph of inferno blast

    Cast fireball until proc + inferno blast.
    living bomb
    now you can nova or jaw into deep (this is where glyp of deep comes in handy) cuz other peoples attacks will break ur nova or jaw.
    cast pyro. +pom pyro (optional) + combust + Pyro(if used POM)
    now spread that with inferno blast! + flamestrike + blizzard! (or continue to fireball)

    your dps will sky rocket! it takes time to do it right, but it works. you wont do 700K dps like tanks but you should be able to pull decent aoe damage, maybe 150-200K depending on # of mobs etc...

    you can also include alter time for extra boost ( but its only every 3 min so )
    if trash is immune to deep, then just fireball and fish for procs. + add flamestrikes here and there. make sure to use combust on crits and then spread it.

    PS. next patch they are increasing spread from 2 to 3 targets!!! AOE dps will go up a little
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    As fire, we don't aoe, we just cleave. There is no boss that our weak aoe puts us behind on though, even on Windlord our 4 target cleaving makes us just as good (and tbh on heroic im beating out amazing aoe specs with just normal single target rotation) as the epic aoe specs like surv hunters.

    The only way you can aoe in the traditional sense in fire is to spec for NT and spam that with AE. Flamestrike is weak.

    Don't worry too much about your aoe damage though, the only place it's gonna look bad is on trash, and who cares about trash?
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    What I also like to do is catch as many mobs as possible in a ring of frost (this works in solo though since in raid you won't have time to do this since the other DPSers will break it) and then cast a flamestrike on them. In order to make sure you are catching the mobs in RoF I use Dragon's Breath on them before I start casting the ring.

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