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    Patch 5.2 which class to play?

    Well I have a Warrior, Paladin and Death Knight at 90, I am currently not playing the game but I will come back when 5.2 is released, so far after reading the patch notes I notice that warriors are getting a deadly nerf, I'm not too sure about ret paladins or death knights.
    I want to pvp again and I am just wondering what class I should choose out of a paladin (ret), warrior or death knight to roll on.

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    Well with the introduction of blanket silences again DKs (and retri pallies) are going to come into some difficulties again. But then again you can always assume that if you're getting silenced then it's better than the healer being silenced

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    We don't allow "Help me choose my class" threads here as the choice is a purely subjective one. Best of luck with your choice.

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