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    Addon Recommendations?

    First off, i'm going to be doing both afflic pvp and afflic pve. I already have the impulse addon for keybinds and macros so I was wondering what addons existed for making a good pvp or pve ui and what addons existed for helping with rotations (like clcret for ret pallies). I'm trying affdots for keeping track of my dots. Basically any addons you can recommend to me for affliction warlocks because i've been googling for hours and there are no addon guides out there for affliction locks.

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    Classtimer, Affdots for tracking dots . Tidyplates can help with multidotting a lot too
    ExtraCD, WeakAuras for tracking procs/ICDs

    As for Pvp i mainly do Rbgs so Battleground Targets is a must imo,
    sArena to replace blizzard's arena frames, but i guess Gladius or GladiatorlosSA might work too (personally Gladius bugs a lot).

    Personally the only things that i am giving importance nowadays are procs(big icons on my screen via WeakAuras) and maybe ICDs via ExtraCD, affdots and classtimers are more of cosmetic effect since i am used on monitoring dots on my target icon or tidyplates for multidotting.

    My advice would be to use Tidy Plates, Weak Auras and ExtraCD for monitoring the things i mentioned before. Affdots and Classtimers can help you to gain some experience until you are capable enough to track dots by yourself.

    For PvP Battleground Target for rbg and sArena for arenas are quite handy.

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    Affdots has in a short time become an almost mandatory warlock addon, especially for Affliction, so I'd certainly recommend checking that out.

    Personally I couldn't play without ElvUI and weakauras and aforementioned Affdots (and Postal, but that's a different matter from warlock play )

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    For PVP I'd go with standard blizzard UI + TellMeWhen and Gladius (and GladiatorloSA)

    For PVE I'd go with ElvUI or Gnosis+Shadowed Unitframes+Bartender4+Postal+Chatter+Combuctor+ForteXorcist, TellMeWhen, AffDots and BigWigs or DBM.

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    The addons I personally use are;

    -Tidyplates (multidot tracking)
    -NeedToKnow (Tracking debuffs on the target, tracking procs/ICDs)
    -Gnosis (for channel ticks on MG/DS)
    -DrainSouler (shows boss' current percentage of health, easy to know when to start Drain Soul casting.)

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    I have found AffDots to be an absolute must for Warlocking, especially if you run Affliction, though I have used it sparingly for Demonology with good results. As far as DoT tracking I use a TellMeWhen setup I came up with, TMW handles procs for me as well (trinkets, Jade Spirit, potions, Dark Soul, etc.).

    As far as general addons, I couldn't imagine not using ElvUI, but I may be biased since I've written so many additional addons for it.

    The truth is that there aren't really any required addons in order to play a Warlock efficiently. Its just a matter of what you feel comfortable using. The closest thing to a required addon for Affliction is AffDots as previously mentioned, but even then it isn't required.

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    I use ElvUI with WeakAuras on the side to add and customize the things that ElvUI might lack.
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    Tuk/Elv UI's are always a good start.

    - Clean
    - Lightweight
    - Have everything that most addons have but without the bloat.

    I've never really had the hots for AffDots as TellMeWhen does the job for me just fine, tracking spell power included

    File Name: spellpower.lua
    Location: \Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Lib\LibDogTag-3.0\Categories
    local MAJOR_VERSION = "LibDogTag-3.0"
    local MINOR_VERSION = 90000 + tonumber(("$Revision: 203 $"):match("%d+")) or 0
    DogTag_funcs[#DogTag_funcs+1] = function(DogTag)
    local L = DogTag.L
    DogTag:AddTag("Unit", "SpellPower", {
        code = function(school)
            if (school < 0 or school > 7) then
                return nil
            elseif (school == 0) then 
                return GetSpellBonusHealing()
                return GetSpellBonusDamage(school)
        arg = {
            'school', 'number', '@req',
        ret = "number;nil",    
        doc = L["Returns the raw spell damage bonus of the player for a given spell tree."],
        example = '[SpellPower(7)] => "2167"',    
        category = L["Miscellaneous"]
    Loading the module: \Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\Lib\LibDogTag-3.0\lib.xml
    	<Script file="Categories\spellpower.lua" />
    Enable module in game:

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