Awakening Of Chaos @ Twisting Nether is looking for expectional dpsers to strengthen our raid grp and continue progress in Tier 14 11/16HC currently . We are a pve guild with focus on endgame raiding. We take our raiding very seriously and expect the same from you.

Following are the classes we are looking for:

Ele Shaman

Raiding Days:
Monday 19.30-23.00
Tuesday 19.30-23.00
Wednesday 19.30-23.00

what we expect from u :
- 18+ and mature, applicants with lower ages might be considered if they prove themselves mature enough.
- Good progression in recent and current tier.
- as close to 100% attendence as possible.
- have complete knowledge of your class we are not here to teach you which spells to use and when to use them.
- Have a good attitude with no whining about loot as we follow loot council.
- Be able to handle constructive criticism and work accordingly to better yourself.
- Need to have a working headset and be able to talk on axon which we use for communication.

If you think AoC is the place for you we would love to read your application.

Please apply at . If your class is not

listed you can still apply as are always looking for exceptional players to add

in our raiding group.
You can also contact officers ingame- Mushfique, Nizzy, Déntíxs,Veila
or add me on real id : [email protected]
battle tag : mushfique#2521