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    Wink Mage or Spriest? Which class to re-roll?

    Hello everyone,
    As the title says above I have decided to re-roll to a different class come 5.2. I have been trying pretty much every single class in the game and I have narrowed it down that I want to play a caster. The two casters that I really enjoy are Spriest and Mages, but I really need to chose one to let my raid leader know as soon as possible. The thing that draws me away from a Spriest is that fact that I am not one to heal, but I guess I would not mind playing with it every once in awhile. As for the Mage, we already have two Mages in your 25 man group and my leader does not mind having a third but he would prefer a spriest over anything. He has told me either way he will take me as long as I pick a class that I personal y enjoy playing. If anyone could leave some thoughts on this I would greatly appreciate it.


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    We don't allow "Help me choose my class" threads here, because the choice is a purely subjective one. Best of luck with your choice.

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