View Poll Results: RBG leaders: If the current WW Monk PTR changes go live, would you invite to RBGs?

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    RBG leaders: If the current WW Monk PTR changes go live, would you invite to RBGs?

    RBG leaders: If the current WW Monk PTR changes go live, would you invite to RBGs?

    I mostly enjoy hybrid melee, the least desirable in RBGs. Was going to drop my ret who stalled out in the 2000s since I could no longer get groups. I was going to replace with a WW monk since RoP looked like it would make them very desirable for RBGs. Now that has been nerfed and more just has defensive utility in an RBG instead of offensive.

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    no, their AOE pressure and utility is still lacking.

    the disarm is useless unless you're playing against multiple melee, and a 3sec silence on everyone still isn't enough

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    No, sorry. It pains my heart because I really enjoy my Windwalker but the buffs bring them to par, there's still little reason to take it over something that's above it.
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    They'll either have one aoe stun on a 45 second cd, or 3 sec silence or disarm on a 1.5 min cd that is situational in its usefulness as the ring now has to be placed on a friendly target. If they choose the stun, warriors have that and its on a much lower cd esp against multiple targets. If they choose the silence boomkins do it better and it doesn't have to be placed on a friendly target which is just laughable. I see no reason to take one over a boomkin, mage, warrior, etc, etc.

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    Depending on how OP Ring of Peace is when 5.2 goes live, I would re-consider their place in a RBG team. If it gets gutted/isnt a big game-changer(as it appears to be now), then it'd still likely be a no-no. I'm also keeping an eye on the Storm, Wind, and Fire ability. Their execute is nice, as it's great for preventing last-minute saves that have costed me games. However, I'd be hard-pressed to let one in versus a a Mistweaver.

    I voted yes, however, because I would definitely give a WW monk a chance to prove himself if I knew he was a competent player.
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