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    LF EU Server for 5.2 -

    Heya I'm wanting to transfer my Mage/Death Knight to an active PvP Server on the EU - With good Balance & Which doesn't have 2 hour queues on peak times, Anyone have any suggestions? I know outland/stormrage & Sylvanas but they have imbalanced horde/alliance rations :|

    If you got an active server please let me know :>

    btw its for arena not rbgs (lol)

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    All the good PvP realms have faction imbalance

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    Im on defias brotherhood, its rppvp but its a good balance and alot of pvp activity

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    I'm as well on Defias Brotherhood, 1 horde 90, 3 ally 90s. I transferred there 4 months ago from a low pop realm (Dentarg). My requirements were very similar to yours: close to 1:1 faction ratio, has to be pvp realm, good overall population (according to sites atm it's ~50k ally ; ~50k horde).

    Personal pro's:
    - plenty of player activity at pretty much any hour
    - good and solid AH
    - decent community (ally), not too much retardedness in /2
    - fast to find just-for-cap partners
    - immense random fun factor due to RP - although i don't role play, it's sometimes great (and very funny) to see ppl rp'ing in various zones, areas in stormwind etc.

    Personal con's
    - i don't think the realm gives too many options if you're looking for high-end pvp (2.4k+) - checking battlegroup rankings you'll find not that many teams from DB (both arena & rbg)
    - myself being pretty casual this expo i can't give (unbiased) opinion on variety of guilds at DB - since i'm not that much involved, idk if there are good twink guilds, pvp guilds, etc.

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