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    Any blue posts about DPS queue times?

    Trying to get into a LFR and some heroics as dps has been quite difficult. When I leveled and geared my paladin it took maybe 3 weeks to get him to 475, which is what my guild wants to be raiding. But im retiring my tank/ healer cause its really hard past MSV. So im gearing my hunter who is really my main, the pally is my alt technically. So yeah some days my queue can be 10 minutes for a heroic ,17 for lfr. Some other days it could be 45 minutes+. I do dailies as a filler but to others they may not like it. So anyway has blizzard said anything about the queue times, or am I the only one who has this problem?

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    There can't always be a set queue time, as people all have varying schedules and play times.

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    There has always been this problem. The only possible solution is get more people to run as tank/healer.
    aka give better rewards, but the rewards are pretty steep already, get almost 100g each run just from gold, not including pets that go for a few thousand gold or gems

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    You can sign up and do scenarios while you are in queue for LFD/LFR. When you get out of the scenario, you are 15 min further into the LFD/LFR queue, and may even be at the front of the line. It's a decent alternative to doing dailies.

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