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    What's your personal deal breaker in a relationship?

    Recently I stumbled upon Jenna Marbles' funny (and semi-old) video parody of the topic and decided to discuss it on a serious level.

    What can make you go "no" in a relationship? Mind you, we are talking about mild and "normal" stuff here, none of the "if he/she turns out to be a serial killer" type of thing.

    Personally, for me it would be his attitude towards people that aren't that close and important to him.. for example towards a friend of a friend, or even staff at an establishment.
    Treating them bad might be a good signal of what's a possible outcome in the future concerning his attitude towards me.

    What about you?

    To clarify:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiili View Post
    You mean saying no to a relationship or going "no" to something in a relationship?
    Just ending it right there, on the spot.

    And as many haven't understood the idea of my topic:

    Quote Originally Posted by Regennis View Post
    I think the question posed in this thread is ... say you've been dating someone for a while, and they do something that would just make you walk out the door and not come back. It's not so much what are your turn-offs, but something that would cause immediate departure.
    Thank you Bob Saget!
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    Does smoking count? I can't stand that shit.

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    You mean saying no to a relationship or going "no" to something in a relationship?
    Close your eyes and smile.
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    The obvious one is weight/fitness. I wouldn't ever date someone that was out of shape, and I would split with someone that got out of shape while we were together.

    Most dealbreakers are things I'd be aware of before we were in a relationship though (fitness, intelligence, compatibility in bed), so it's hard some single thing to be during a relationship.

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    Bad teeth are my biggest turn offs.

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    No independence. No fitness. No intelligence.

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    They have to be a good human all around. So if I see any abuse of any kind I'm done.

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    If someone was a really picky eater that would probably kill it for me. I like to try a lot of different restaurants and foods, and I think it probably also says a lot about their personality in general if they're reluctant to try new things (unless they have allergies or whatever).

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    Smoking would be an immediate "no."
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    A woman with bad breathe.

    if it stinks up here, i know it stinks down there

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    3DPD, not being my husbando.

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    negative personality
    too weird
    bad teeth
    bad hygene
    addition(s) of any sort
    tattoos in terrible spots like the forehead or butt-cheeks.
    excessive or ugly piercings (nose ring/giant holes in the earlobe/etc..)
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    Lack of cleaning her living space.

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    Like if I ask her out and she says no, it doesn't usually work out then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theodarzna View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    addition(s) of any sort
    I had this really cute math major I was going to introduce you to, but I guess that's out...

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    Another turn off is when they call the police, that's not cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    I had this really cute math major I was going to introduce you to, but I guess that's out...
    Ya that wouldn't work out, she would require me to tell her what time I was going to be home down to hundredth of a second.

    That would get annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolo View Post
    Does smoking count? I can't stand that shit.
    Pretty much this.

    It still baffles me at how many people still smoke today when he have proven facts that smoking not only shortens YOUR life, but people in the general vicinity.
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    If she has one of those little strips of hair. What's it called again? ho yeah a mustache.

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    smoking, i can't stand people who smoke/do drugs. sadly a lot of cute looking chicks in my area smoke so they are out. also someone with kids, as i have no intention of having or raising kids. piercings in general. (ear piercings are ok.) excessive tattoos,controlling girlfriends,stds,men who had a sex change into a women.
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