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    Updated my original post for clarification
    "Maybe we wouldn't keep getting hurt if we just expected the worst.."

    "Smiling doesn't always mean you're happy. Sometimes, it simply means you are a strong person"

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    Lack of fitness (see: No drive to get / keep fit)
    Terrible in bed,
    Jealousy / Possessiveness,
    No ambition,
    Poor hygiene,
    Inability to make or hold conversation,
    Inability to bond with my circle of friends,

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    Things that would prevent me starting a relationship with someone include:

    They have an excessive amount of animals, think mad cat lady or ferret collecting guy.
    Bad personal hygiene, body odor or halitosis.
    They smoke or take drugs.
    They drink excessively.
    They are of low intellect, not necessarily poor qualifications but rather general intelligence and common sense.
    They have extreme political or religious views, of whatever persuasion.
    They are intolerant of others.
    They have anger issues.
    They are selfish, prejudiced or inconsiderate.
    They are friends with people that I disapprove of or dislike.
    They suffer from a lack of motivation and are idle.
    They are a miserable so and so, I can't stand whiners.

    Wow, guess I am really picky, still better to be single than be with somebody that you don't feel comfortable with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    Bad teeth are my biggest turn offs.
    Must resist urge to make England joke...

    On topic: Lack of humor. Lack of personality. Lack of personal stance on social issues. First 2 are easy to pick up, but the last one is a real deal breaker. I really like to argue/discuss stuff like that.

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    Into BDSM/bestiality or other weird shit, hates (doesn't want) children, severe jealousy issues. More stuff obviously but can't think of more right now.

    Edit: When getting drunk loosens up so much that they flirt excessively with other people. Like, "a step away from sex"-excessive. And only when drunk as if that exempts them from responsibility.

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    When my partner turns out to be a Grizzily bear.

    It's not the Bear that bothers me, it's the lying that hurts the most.

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    Right now, smoking.

    My girlfriend has gone behind my back before and smoked, and she nows how much I hate it because of the hell it caused me as a child, but it was always her friends pushing her to do it.

    I told her last time, which is probably a year ago now, that if she every smoked again i'd leave her then and there, no turning back. She still hangs around with her friends, and she still comes back smelling of smoke, but there is an element of trust I must have.

    There are other things, like cheating. I don't mind a little bit of harmless flirting, but a few months ago one of her mates go the wrong impression, so I had to intervene. I've told her she is more then welcome to leave, if she thinks that being with someone else, or smoking is the lifestyle she wants, but that isn't a life style that I want to be part of.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Not all animals are worth liking.
    Why is that?
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    Pretty much anything in rodentia.
    Boo! I like little mice. I have a picture from 8th grade with a 2 meter anaconda around my neck. All animals are lovely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SqueektheWeek View Post
    Lack of cleaning her living space.

    I agree with this one completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fiend View Post
    When my partner turns out to be a Grizzily bear.
    When there's a bear in your oatmeal?

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    Developments that would make me end things quick fast in an established relationship:

    The development of any kind of intolerance for any group of people, whether it's a race, nationality, political group, religion, etc. Intolerance isn't cool.
    Drug use. This includes pot, whether it's legal at the time or not.

    And that's really about it.

    I'm not a fan of tattoos or piercings at all, but if I'm in an established relationship and the person that I'm with gets a tattoo that I find ugly that's hardly a reason to leave them.

    I'm not a fan of smokers despite enjoying the occasional cigar myself, and if the person I was with picked up smoking I wouldn't outright leave them, but I would do my best to dissuade them from smoking.

    I want to say being obsessed with politics, but again that wouldn't really end a relationship on the spot, it would prevent it from occurring in the first place. Though now that I think about it, if the person I was with turned into one of those "X Party is destroying all our liberties and taking away our freedoms and blah blah blah." I'd have to at least consider leaving them because I can't listen to that garbage.

    Oh and obviously cheating, that's one of those "Get your shit and get out, NOW" things.

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    If I'm looking for a committed relationship then believing in a religion is a flat out no for me, even if he/she doesn't practice.
    "Death is not kind. It's dark, black as far as you can see, and you're all alone."

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    If someone doesn't get along with my friends, that could ruin any relationship for me.

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    High maintenance / and or ball buster.

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    I can understand not wanting to be with someone who smokes cigs, does coke, heroin or any other extreme drug... but marijuana... come on now. Maybe I'm just over analyzing it all, a few don't mention anything about being fit (leads me to believe you're not fit)... but then you mention no drugs... hmm... Not going to question why there's a lack of logic there, but why are you ok with your partner and yourself eating heart attack fast food... but against marijuana which is less harmful haha... If you're against drugs, you might as well be against anything that's bad for your body, including fast food or unhealthy food... What I'm trying to say is both go hand n hand... can't have double standard and expect a functional relationship. "Omg how could you smoke that reefer???? Why can't you just be healthy like me and sit down and eat your triple whopper with your large sugar filled coke and carb loading fries."
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DScythe View Post
    High maintenance / and or ball buster.
    Gonna go with this one. She needs to be pretty aswell <3

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    Deal breaker in an already existing relationship? Heck, this applies to people I'd date as well.

    - Wants children at some point in life
    - Acts out abuse towards animals
    - Is religious
    - Does drugs (as in narcotics, I think I could live with cigarettes and I'd surely live with alochol, not alcohol abuse mind you)
    - Stands at the opposite spectrum of my beliefs
    - Gets along badly with my close friends
    - Cheating, it'd be straight out

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fiend View Post
    When my partner turns out to be a Grizzily bear.

    It's not the Bear that bothers me, it's the lying that hurts the most.
    I lol'd!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lochglen View Post
    I am wondering if Blizzard are going to give the Alliance the 5 mounts because the worgen have running wild, the horde have 5 new mounts , i just think they should balance it out, how say you all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rixis View Post
    hows about you give half your money to africa because you have more than them, and it's not balanced
    no? didn't think so

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    Smothering. If we've been dating for 2 weeks, don't ask me to move in with you, and if I'm out with my girls, don't call me every hour or get mad if I don't immediately text back. Ugh it irritates me just thinking about it.

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