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    Warrior back on the shelf in 5.2?

    Will you stop playing your warrior in 5.2?

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    /10 chars

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    I don't PVP so most of the changes to the class do not affect me. Some do obviously, but most don't.
    I might see a difference when soloing old content or the Brawler's Guild since my def stance is going from 25% damage reduction to 15%

    But that won't stop me from playing my warrior.
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    Warrior forever.

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    Why? Ill still be doing amazing DPS in PVE and be decent in BGs.

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    I doubt I will run into too many problems as long as fury stays shit in pvp. Only thing I am really annoyed by is the loss of death from above.

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    Why should I? It happens to us since beggining so nothing new. We will rock still.

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    Yeah i think i'm going to delete my warrior and then kill myself.

    oh yeah /sarcasm.
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    because you wont be able to kill anything in warbringer+shockwave? or because you'll actually have to pay attention to positioning after 2nd wind+def stance nerf and actually risk dying if you go full mongloid LoS-ing your team mates ?

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    Yes, because there is only two stage, bad and op, cannot be somewhere in the middle
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    Bul-Kathos guides my hand!

    Never shall i lay my weapon down!

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    I've stuck to my warrior since vanilla (my very first char). No matter what comes in the way, I'll stay loyal to him.

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    My warrior is on the shelf since 5.1. More dust for him in 5.2.

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    I can't imagine what they would have to do for me to shelf my warrior. Stuck with it since vanilla, will stick with it until i stop playing all together.

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    Might still play prot in RBGs, but I'm done with arms.

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    for lothar!
    even if i hit like a pussy (damn blizz) i will never stop, ever

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    Been a dwarf warrior since 2006. Why would I quit now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    Yes, because there is only two stage, bad and op, cannot be somewhere in the middle

    This is actually 100% true because Blizzard forces us to be this way.

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    They're starting to overdo it again just like in Cata. You can pretty much thank the clueless community for this. The tears won't stop flowing until we're back to being dog shit since that's what the average player is used to. They're desensitized to mages killing them in a deep but blow their top when a warrior kills them in a few stuns. Please note that neither of these things are acceptable but people just can't take a class getting such big buffs after being the worst class in the game for 3/4 of an xpac. The first nerfs were good but then they started to overdo it just like in Cata. Every warrior who's been playing the class for multiple years saw it coming though.

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    Sounds like OP is a FOTM player
    I shelfed all my other toons mid Cata because of my warrior, which is my main now. I play arms/prot and even thou arms' DPS isnt even middle in the pack I would never shelf my warrior. Just because we arent an indestructible 1-shotting monster anymore, doesnt mean we're not fun to play.
    Just hope that arms is getting better in 5.2. Not DPS wise, I just miss the "in your face" feeling they had in Cata.

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    "Warrior back on the shelf in 5.2?"

    Nope. Warrior + hunter will still be my 90s of choice. I imagine that the knee-jerk, I-need-to-be-overpowered-because-I-suck-otherwise types might shelve theirs - those of us who excel with the class regardless will shrug it off and keep smashing faces.

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