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    Help with a simcraft/stat weight problem/reforge.

    I resently got the elite normal version of Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption.
    And before i had the raid finder version of Stormwake mistcloak.

    IM playing frost in raids cause i love it, but now when i run it trough simcraft after the change i get these statweights..

    5.70 hit
    4.42 int
    3.56 sp
    1.88 crit
    1.86 haste
    1.74 mastery

    Why is crit now over haste, wowreforge or reforge light will tell me to reforge everything to crit now.
    And if i go back to mistcloak or the normal version of it everything will be back to normal.

    Would be nice with an explenation of this thx alot.
    Also if i have done something wrong anywhere else plz feel free to tell me.

    Armory link : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rsftw/advanced

    Simcraft link : file:///E:/Smallville/simc-510-9-win32/simc_report.html

    Thx in advance.

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    Those Links dont work. Armory has ... in it instead of the real characters, and the Simcraft Link is Local.
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    Simcraft link : file:///E:/Smallville/simc-510-9-win32/simc_report.html

    This is a link to your pc, we wont have access to that unless on your pc

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    Don't bother using stat weights if you're playing frost. There's just no point.

    Frost is just stacking haste. The only change is once you get heroic LotC you swap to nether tempest and straight haste gemming.
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