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    Soloing raids on my hunter?


    I wanted to build a transmog set just for fun and was wondering how I could solo a raid. I used to solo with my pally because he could self heal and never die. But on my hunter I am concerned that my pet will lose aggro and I will just die. If any of you hunters solo raids, how?

    -I dont have a spirit beast, too hard to get

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    Depends a bit on what you want to solo. Generally Spirit Bond will keep you alive, so you only have to worry about misdirecting to you pet. If you use either Glyph of Misdirection or Direction (it's bugged) the cooldown will reset constantly if misdirect to your pet. Just a mend pet every once in a while and you're golden.

    Again it depends on what raids you want to solo but this works about everywhere.
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    it depends on what raids you are after.. i can easily solo naxx, and most of ulduar. anything after that and its not so easy, and takes lots of practice. but basically Spirit Bond, plus a tanky pet, like a turtle or gorilla, and mend pet glyph. the Misdirect isnt really an issue unless you are going after harder Cata bosses. you have more health then boss can do damage in naxx. so its not even an issue if your pet loses threat some how. ive been soloing them for the raiding pets for several weeks now. no problems.

    btw i use SV spec. so its prolly even easier as BM. but a spirit beast isnt needed, a tanky pet is though.
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    Spirit Bond will allow you to solo quite a bit. A Spirit Beast isn't strictly necessary, but it's handy and lets you be more careless. They're really not "too hard to get".

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    Spec is irrelevant in most cases, because threat is mostly irrelevant. I personally prefer to use Survival because of the additional AoE it brings. Take up Spirit Bond, Mending glyph and spec your pet as Tenacity. That's all you need to do

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    plus a tanky pet, like a turtle or gorilla
    The Gorilla isn't a tanking pet, it's special ability is an interrupt. The real tanking pets (with a damage reduction cooldown) are Beetles and Turtles. But they're not really needed for any soloing up to Naxx. Any pet that is specced as tenacity will do.

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