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    Looking for new Guild

    I am a 497 SMF warrior with 4/16 heroic current experience. Looking for a new guild that raid times are between 8pm est to 12am est. I have great raid awareness and always looking to improve. If you have an opening for a SMF warrior please me know so we can talk.


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    Hello, Alpha of Whisperwind is interested in you. We raid Mon-Thurs 8pm-12 est. Alpha is 11/16H teaching you the fights and gearing you would not be a problem. We are always looking for skilled new raiders and talented dps. I am leaving out a lot of "spam", because honestly it's filler, and I'd rather talk to you then make you read giant wall of text.

    With that said, add Nag#1906 and we can talk in game!

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    Hysteria is a 4/16HM 25man guild. We are looking for exceptional dps to progress quickly through content. Raids are Mon, Tues, Wed. 8-11pm est. Would rather chat that spam guild info. Battletag : Andy#1366 and you can check out our website at hysterialb.com

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    Can I get an armory to check out? PM it if you're wishing to remain private

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