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    Cool moved here from EU - here goes nothing

    Hi guys I'm from Europe but currently living in South America, I downloaded the free trial here just to see what my ping is like and mostly its around 113ms (not that 30ms I'm used to) but I'm thinking about levelling up. Here's the links to my EU armory pages:

    EDIT: New users can't link on the forums -

    rogue - rideit kazzak eu
    druid - scatform kazzak eu

    As you can see I haven't really done much in MOP, but I guess I played the most back in vanilla (rank 14) and TBC (gladiator on each char) early WOTLK got a server first and so on. My PVE matches my PVP more or less.

    I'm looking for a server/guild which understands that these days I won't be playing 16-18 hours a day, but if I really got into it again my attendance is very high.

    Bare in mind right now I do not even own the game or a max level toon, it's hard to say recruit me - but maybe direct me to a server which has a good mixed bunch of pvp and pve going on, and if I level up there I can actually find decent pugs and gear up to be in a position to be recruited.

    I also have an awesome English accent.

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    nothing? should I post this somewhere else?

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