View Poll Results: Which tank class do you prefer, what would you level again?

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  • Death Knight

    31 23.48%
  • Druid

    13 9.85%
  • Monk

    20 15.15%
  • Paladin

    39 29.55%
  • Warrior

    29 21.97%
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    Which tank class do you prefer ?

    Which tank class do you prefer? I'm leveling from scratch and would like some input from the forum on their favorite and why.

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    death knight is my favorite tank class

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    I've always preferred druid due to their exceptional tank dps and overall versatility, with Death Knights a close 2nd for their self-heals and survivability gimicks (lichborne/DC, ghoul sac, etc).

    If you're new to tanking altogether, paladins are probably the most forgiving and have the easiest learning curve.

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    Feral druids overall, not so much now when they ruined some off our hybrid potential as tank inn MOP.

    Most fun and unique class tank was protection paladins back inn TBC. Im glad I got to exsperience it at the end off TBC on an alt. Was truely great.

    Honorable 3rd is Frost DK tanking back in WOTLK. I didn't quit play this alt much, but I loved the play style anyway. Howling blast always feels cool.
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    I have all tank classes and I love warrior the most, especially for heroic dungeons.

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    My order is DK>>>Monk>>>Druid

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    I've always preferred Prot Paladins as favourite tanks, but then again Paladin is my favourite class in WoW.

    If I'd play a tank I think a Prot Paladin is the one whose mechanics I could possibly manage.
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    Pretty much Paladin > Paladin > Paladin > rest

    Paladins are just amazing, havn't played anything but brief brewmaster and a bit blood dk this expac except for the main and they seem equally 'fun' but nothing compared to playing a paladin

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    tried pala, warrior and DK,

    of those I would rate them

    -with DK my problem is really the lack of procs, their play is a bit too static with only really the blood boil/DaD thingy doing something, but I still love the overall play stile
    -warrior I love the whole proc aspect of the play, devastate procs SB, SB can proc free HS (I think ^^), parry procs revenge etc, it's awesome imo, but I really hate the 1.5s GCD would probably be my favorite tanking class with a 1s GCD, feels just too slow, plus the lack of self heals makes me feel like I rely a bit too much on healers compared to my DK
    -pala, idk just not feeling it, feels kinda too clunky for me, but only got it to like 87, so maybe just need more time with it, didn't like warrior at the beginning either

    *I know the whole proc play style is juts personal preference and some people prefer the lack of it on a DK ^^

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    Haven't tried monk at all but I'd rank the others dk>warrior>paladin>feral. Death strike is simply the best/most interesting tank mechanic in the game with a 1 sec gcd, warriors come second due to their massive mobility and ton of abilities. Pala feels like a warrior without the mobility. Druid is just dull (not an interesting rotation, no 'fun' abilities, resto is a blast though)for me.

    Monk seems like a lot of fun though, but mine is just level 40:P
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    Death Knights < Druids < Warriors/Monks <<< Paladins

    Paladins is just too "holier than thou"..

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    I've always mostly disliked tanking, had every class at 85, loved dps/healing.

    However, with MoP, I main switched to Monk and while my main spec is dps, I tank offspec and it's really fun.

    You have a pretty versatile toolset for pretty well any situation, AoE aggro is easy, dps is high, and you actually have to be smart about your mitigation to avoid being destroyed. If you just spam threat and take hits to the face you'll die about as fast as a rogue, but when played well my healers tell me I'm easier to heal than every other class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epLe View Post
    Death Knights < Druids < Warriors/Monks <<< Paladins

    Paladins is just too "holier than thou"..
    You realise you just said you greatly prefer Paladins over all the other tanks right?

    OT: Paladin, naturally, given that I am one.
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    Warrior or Druid <3!

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    Playing as a tank: Paladin, DK, Guardian. (Haven't tried Monk/Warrior yet)
    Healing a tank: Paladin, Warrior, Guardian-DK, Monk.

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    Paladin > Death Knight > Monk > Druid > Warrior

    Paladin is #1 because that's my main and I honestly do love tanking as a Paladin. The whole tank with the light thing appeals to me a lot. Plus, I love the Judgement affect, looks so awesome on huge bosses.

    I dislike DK's as a class simply because of bad memories in WoTLK when they were super OP. However, I still had an 85 DK as an alt in Cataclysm and he was a tank. It was actually quite fun, I liked how great the threat generation was and, as stated above, Death Strike is awesome. I also love Bone Shield.

    Monk is third because I've only tanked with it in level 15-20 dungeons, but it has a certain feel to it that I like.

    Druid is fourth because of how boring the abilities are. Scratch, smack, slap, meh. Only above Warrior because they can heal themselves.

    Warrior's last because there really isn't anything "magical" about their abilities. Now I know that's how a Warrior is meant to be, but I don't like it.

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    Most tank classes are pretty much on par these days, some excel in places others do not. The obvious one to note is Brewmasters, who have insane DPS (which just gets ramped up more on AOE fights were they are tanking) but also suffer due to their mechanics their damage incoming is a lot more spikier and it's noticeable.

    Pick whatever you enjoy playing, each class has their own style of play these days.
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    as a warrior you dont have to rely on healers either you can survive really long with shield barrier and second wind.

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    i really want to like monks because of stagger and some amazing cooldowns they have. every monk tank i've seen play is so squishy outside of cooldowns though. voted paladin.

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