View Poll Results: Which tank class do you prefer, what would you level again?

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  • Death Knight

    31 23.48%
  • Druid

    13 9.85%
  • Monk

    20 15.15%
  • Paladin

    39 29.55%
  • Warrior

    29 21.97%
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    Played a Paladin forever, went Monk in MoP and I love it. So much to do, love the active playstyle.

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    i love my pally. the best thing is whether your new to pallys or a professional tanker its not a hard rotation to pickup. being able to bubble hearth is always fun and the awesome lay on hands cooldown is really kickass for instant healing yourself to 500k+ hp. theres no better cooldown that guarantees survivability.. that i can think of (although DK purgatory is ok and the -25% hp one). the only downside to pallys is they evolve very slowly. a lot of their skills arent given to them at the beginning and they have to work for it. lvling a tank pally is fun but its also annoying when u dont have your favourite skills or cds yet. i can add another plus cause pallys are decent healers too.

    my 2nd favourite is the dk. their static hp and dmg reducing cds make them very stable and predictible as tanks. they also put out decent dmg and really good dps in frost if you choose to offspec. their rotation is fairly simple but the skill relies on knowing when to use certain cds.

    and last is warrior. i hate the 1.5second GCD on revenge.. when im getting slammed by 30 mobs and revenge is constantly proccing.. well its not because its delayed every time. why cant they fix it to be like Sotr? or set it to 1 second gcd. warriors are decent but.. shield block costs a fuckton of rage.. weighing at 60.. and shield absorb is nice but meh. warriors do pull some decent dps and their execute rapes but.. i just hate how revenge has a crappy cooldown blocker on it.

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    I am surprised at the number of people saying paladin

    I've probably run groups with paladin tanks about a grand total of like 4 times in the past five months, and I put in work when I run heroics with 4 level 90 characters and barely any dailies. I honestly think that I have run close to two thousand heroics this expansion.

    It's really strange to see that.
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    So far the only tank I like playing is my DK. I've tried Warrior and BrM; I couldn't stand warrior, and I hate how part of BrM tanking is RNG with crits.

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    Lore based; Warrior > Paladin > Druid > Monk > Death Knight

    In-game based; Death Knight > Paladin > Druid > Monk > Warrior

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Wheres teh warlock option?
    Anyone ever notice how the sun seems to shine silverish now? Didn't it used to shine goldish? PM me if you've noticed this.
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    Warriors used to be my favorite tanks (Druids coming pretty close too due to similarities), very mobile and quick acting, but with the changes to they're play style and rage have made them less fun. Now my favorite tanks are Paladins and I love the changes that came to them. They can be very fast paced and great on AoE. I played a Paladin and Druid tank as my two mains in vanilla and BC and I always loved them and their AoE. I also think Paladins are great in terms of how helpful they are to the rest of the group. The haste build makes it all the more fun as well.

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    Death Knight is fun. And they're also bringing some raid utility in 5.2, with Bloodworms healing nearly ten times the amount they heal on live.

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    I like Warrior and Druid personally. Currently maining a Warrior. Haven't really enjoyed the DK rune system since Cata release so I shelved my DK back then, tried it out at the start of MoP was still a no go for me. Monk feels very hectic to me which incidentally I think is my issue with DK as well. Both playstyles are very active with managing a self regenerating resource (energy or runes). Paladins, Druids and Warriors make more sense in my head. I hit Shield Slam I get 20 rage. I hit Shield Barrier I use up to 60 rage. Almost all rage gains and losses are based upon my actions.

    That's just how I like to play. It's a personal preference kind of thing. I would play any of the 3, Druid Paladin or Warrior.

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    Deathknight And Druid are the most funny tanks to play, With warrior you will die slow, because of barrier and etc. And ofc the best tank is Paladin.

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