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    Help me improve my monk

    Few weeks ago i start playing diablo again, level up my monk and my dh as i couldn't chose between them, after few hours of playing i decide that DH don't fit my style and went with my monk but i have one small problem my DH gear is full DMG, and i don't have the def to play with my monk now i have 30mill atm and i want some help to improve my suv without losing to much dmg if u guys take your time to help me improve my char i would appreciate


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    I'm not the greatest monk that there is, but I will try and offer what advice that I have.

    For the spec you are using, it is best duel wielding. I recommend a high dps Echoing Fury with a socket, and an 850-900+ dps fist weapon with a socket and 3% life steal.

    Second, I recommend ditching the Depth Diggers and get Inna's pants, then replacing Inna's belt with Witching Hour.

    Third, you should really work on stacking one single elemental resist. That will greatly improve your survivability. Try to get around 500-550 for higher MPs.

    Fourth, since you have a semi-decent Nat's ring, I would get a good pair of Nat's boots.

    Fifth, get gloves with Dex + Trifecta. I usually try to get ones with 8%+ AS, 8+ crit chance, and 25+ crit damage. These can be a little spendy though if you want ones with high dex.

    Sixth, try and get some life on hit on your amulet or ring. Even better if you can manage to get a fist weapon with 3% life steal, 500+ life on hit, with a socket.

    Last, try to get a good pair of Lacuni Prowlers. The bracers that you have right now aren't bad, Strongarm Bracers are very underrated in my opinion, but that's just me.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    Change that scorn get 1 handers with high dex,vit,socket,crit damage life steal or life on hit (depending what you want)
    The helm is terrible get resists on it and much higher vit, the chest is also terrible get more vit and resists on it, bracers are terrible you need double resists on those, much more crit on gloves (get resists on other items so you can focus on dps stats on gloves), get a pair of rare shoulders with the same dex and more vit and possibly life% for 10 times less than a vile ward, rings will do for now,get nats boots since you have the ring ice climbers without MS are pretty much worthless

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    wow thank your verry much guys atm im low on gold like 30mill but i have items worth of over 100mill on ah, but damn everyone and their mother reroll from DH so its a little hard to sell them but soon i will get 400mill and with that gold i will rebuild my monk THANK YOU verry much, this is why i love mmo

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